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christinarossetti Mon 17-Jun-13 21:14:12

I was trying to explain to someone today why schools shouldn't use this and realised that I don't know any more than 'money goes to a convicted paedophile' and then actually I don't have any evidence for that.

Could someone provide links to more detail about Sparklebox (who runs it etc) and suggest suitable alternatives.


mrz Tue 18-Jun-13 17:16:11

juniper9 he changed his name from Daniel to Samuel but he is still the registered owner

christinarossetti Tue 18-Jun-13 17:44:50

Thanks. That's useful info.

jetheather Mon 01-Jul-13 21:18:09

Aw! Twinkl isn't samey or too cute, it's just child friendly and all the designs are so much more individual than any other teaching resource site. Plus I know I can trust them and they seem to be genuinely nice people who are trying to help others, it's a no brainer really! Their facebook page is really useful as well for people who need help and support

BeckyDoodles Wed 03-Jul-13 10:46:48

Hey guys,

I am an illustrator at twinkl and I'd just like to say thanks for saying the artwork is cute, I take that as a huge compliment smile

There are lots of alternative websites out there and they are all great for different things. I guess the advice I would give is use resources from all over the place and your children will have a lovely well-rounded educational experience!

Pinterest is fantastic for craft and activity inspiration, one of my favourite haunts.


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