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Can anyone help me to interpret these results - and would you send your child there?

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MrsRadicchio Sun 16-Jun-13 09:16:57

DH and I are looking to relocate to Worcester. Have found a nice house, which is in the catchment for stanley road primary

The ofsted is good but the results seem not to be:

govt stats

ofsted data dashboard

Appreciate this is a bit of a cheeky post, but I am a bit at sea here, and having read other posts on here some people seem very clued up about what all of this means.


teacherwith2kids Sun 16-Jun-13 09:42:37

From the detailed text of the 2010 Ofsted (which I presume that you have read in full, as the text is important), I would say that the reasons for relatively low attainment are:

- Very high pupil mobilty (very few children start at the beginning of the school and continue to the end, many join in KS2 and many of these have SEN / EAL)
- An unusually high proportion (for somewhere like Worcester) of children who do not have English as their first language attend the school
- Above average levels of SEN

I would also say that with a 2010 , the school is due to be reinspected within the next 6 months so your confidence that the Ofsted reflects the school as it is now should reflect that. The new standards are tougher, but i would say that even in 2010, given the profile of the school, 'Good' was a good result and would suggest that teachers work very very hard with the cohort that they have. In this type of school, the head can have a huge influence in terms of maintaining progress and driving improvement, and so i would check carefully whether the head now is the same one at the time of the Ofsted report.

I would say from the Ofsted report that it is (or was in 2010) a good school, but not in a 'MN' way. It looks like a school that worked very hard with a very varied cohort, in which all kinds of children might do well, but it would depend on the value that you placed on 'a naice cohort of friends for my DCs' and / or the opinion of 'MN-type' friends.

MrsRadicchio Sun 16-Jun-13 09:46:49

Thanks, that is very helpful!

teacherwith2kids Sun 16-Jun-13 09:55:54

I would definitely try to visit the school, btw, if you have children already and might want them to go there.

I have worked in a school of a similar 'type' to Stanley Rpad, and I have also worked in a very mc school with excellent results and a naice cohort. Parents who really liked one of them might not like the other (and it's not always predictable which one they will prefer). Definitely not a school that you can eveluate fully from reports and paperwork.

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