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Any Scottish P1 teachers about?

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Euphemia Sat 15-Jun-13 17:21:31

How do you deal with the phonemes that don't exist in Scottish English, for example air (hair), er (her), or (for), short oo (book)? (Examples in brackets are for most English accents.)

Do you just ignore them?

Do you teach the sound at the end of "loch"?

Do you teach wh as distinct from w?

ilovepowerhoop Sat 15-Jun-13 18:44:40

ds had the 'ai' and 'oo' phoneme (didnt seem to differentiate between short or long 'oo' though)

Euphemia Sat 15-Jun-13 19:18:33

Was it 'ai' or 'air'?

TheApprentice Sat 15-Jun-13 19:23:50

I am English but teach P1 in Scotland. So you can imagine the fun I have with phonics! At my school we follow the Jolly Phonics programme for the first year and the kids seem to manage fine - I think they are used to "converting" accents since so much stuff on TV etc that they are exposed to is in an English accent. We only teach "ai" - would not expect them to read "hair" etc at this stage. I don't teach "wh" rather than "w" as most of the kids don't pronounce them differently. (my surname actually begins with wh and my experience is that its only posh Scots who pronounce it differently, although I love it when they do!)

So mostly I just ignore.

ilovepowerhoop Sat 15-Jun-13 19:24:22

dd is P5 and has never done 'air' phoneme, just the 'ai' one

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