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"My first child starts this September" - General Agh! thread

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ArthurSixpence Tue 11-Jun-13 11:09:49

So the time is almost here. DD is still only three, but she'll be four soon and will be starting school in September.

Pre-school has got us all used to it a little because she goes two days a week, so already she comes out with things that haven't come from us or friends we know, so we know they must have come from school, but come September she will spend more of her waking hours in the week away from us than with us, and yet she seems so young.

So there is existential parental angst of 'letting go' along with more prosaic worries such as what size uniform to buy, how she'll cope with five days in a row given that pre-school tires her so much, how she'll cope with the slightly more formal style in school, if she'll get on with her teacher, if her teacher will be as good as the ones in pre-school, who will be in her class, will she get on with them, how sad it is that she will rarely get a park or a beach to herself again for many years, if she'll be stimulated enough in things she is good at, if she'll be able to keep up with things she isn't so good at ..

Here's the thread for all your pre-September parental-angst. Hopefully. Or maybe it'll just be me, fretting.

ExasperatedSigh Thu 13-Jun-13 10:21:13

My PFB starts in September too. I am teary but excited for him (and me tbh grin). Very grateful though that he was a week overdue and arrived in September instead of end of August, as he will be 5 when he starts and the difference in him between now and this time last year is just staggering.

He's ready for it all...I know I will cry though when I first drop him off blush I'm also sad that he's not going to the same school as his best friend from nursery. DS is quite cautious socially and has formed a real bond with this little lad, so naturally I am now having all the 'will he make friends?' worries.

ArthurSixpence Thu 13-Jun-13 15:34:36

Lots of good tips here.

DD already takes packed lunch to pre-school and wants to carry on doing that when she is at 'big school,' and she takes a sports bottle to bed with her every night in case she gets thirsty and so far there have been no spillages so we should be good to go there too.

And we always have a snack of some sort on our person when she finishes pre-school. She doesn't always ask for it, but when she does she really needs it: it's mainly uphill on the way home so it's fair enough!

MaisyMoo123 Thu 13-Jun-13 20:29:17

Good idea for a thread! Starting school is a big moment! My ds starts in September and I have a dd currently in Y2. I'm not half as apprehensive about the whole school thing 2nd time round in terms of practicalities but I am nervous about how ds will cope as he's very different to dd (she's a sept born girl for a start!) My advice would be to try not to stress about it too much and wish the summer away - that's what I'm trying to do anyway! September is still a way off in their little lives. Obviously we need to prepare but I'm also trying to focus on making the most of having ds at home while it lasts - the comment about enjoying the beach/park to ourselves is SO true!!

Barbabeau Fri 14-Jun-13 08:47:31

My just turned 4 year old is also due to start in September. I'm a bit sad that none of the close friends from nursery will be at the school.

Their attitude to school seems to have shifted from excited to apprehensive so our focus over the summer needs to be on making school sound fun and exciting.

CinnamonAddict Fri 14-Jun-13 09:03:26

My youngest starts school in September, and I am actually looking forward to it <awaits beating>
She is more than ready, will be 5 in November and - she is the youngest of 3 and they tend to be more independent.
It would make a change if she is tired after school. Currently she does 2 half and 3 full days at preschool (9-3.45) and she is never asleep before 8.30, sometimes 9 or even later. And she is in bed at 8, just not tired at all.

I got iron on nametags with just surname. Ordered 9 years ago for dc1.
I also write name with permanent marker on the school logo stuff, learned my lesson there as well.

Recommend a bottle in fridge for the evening. We have a tradition of going out for a meal after pick up on the first day of school, make it a really fun day for the child. Dh takes a day off.

Don't worry, they will love it!

thegreylady Fri 14-Jun-13 22:11:37

My dgs was 4 in Feb and has been doing mornings in the nursery class of the school he will go to.Reception is in the same room-they just 'cross the floor' which is a huge deal for them.It's a tiny village school so no worries at all there-he can't wait to stay all day.
Most dc settle very very quickly but it takes mums a bit longer smile

beanandspud Sat 15-Jun-13 21:29:19

If your DC has problems putting shoes/PE pumps on the right feet draw half a smiley face in each shoe with marker pen so that when they are put together the right way they make a full face. smile

Completely agree with the tiredness/grumpiness even if your DC has been used to ft nursery. Also be prepared for behaviour to get worse as you get to the holidays. I used to think that half-term was a bit of a cop out for teachers - now I understand that the children really, really need the break blush.

Don't plan lots of after school activities to start with and have snacks ready at pick-up time to keep them going until tea.

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