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campaign for fairer admissions to faith based primary schools - your views...

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hopingforbest Thu 06-Jun-13 22:29:22

... on this

BayJay Fri 28-Jun-13 21:26:25

Abra1d, the irony of that is that there are no state funded Catholic schools in Poland. Not sure about Sri Lanka or Africa, but as I said the other day, the OECD looked at 32 countries and found only 4 that apply religious selection in schools: England, Estonia, Ireland and Israel.

Nobody is saying that Catholic schools aren't diverse in the nationalities they attract. Its religious inclusion that's the issue. And in some areas social inclusion too.

GrimmaTheNome Fri 28-Jun-13 21:56:11

> Its religious inclusion that's the issue. And in some areas social inclusion too.
There are some strikingly bad examples in the Lancashire mill towns. I once saw a lovely set of pictures in a museum done by children of two schools. One was a CofE school; the other 'community'. The names were 100% split between typical 'white british' and muslim/other Asian.

LizzyDay Fri 28-Jun-13 22:41:29

Lynette - do you think the state should fund faith schools for all the major religions in each area? If so, how would you define a major religion?

mam29 Sat 29-Jun-13 21:17:30

Im going to out myself.

I placed dd1 in rc school as 10mins from our house, had good ofsted and reasonable sats.

we nor rc infact 50%of the school intake were non rc.

few polish.


faith schools tended to be smaller
get better results than community schools.

we are coe but had no coe schools nearby.

rc admission by faith.

3nearest coe schools here voluntary comtrolled by council so no spaces reserved for faith even though they all baptised coe.

2years later rc school failing dd1 not happy.

moved in year admission to small coe village school.

but I have no sibling link for younger 2sad

its worth the travel and its much more multicultural other faiths too than rc one was.

Sfew left rc ones with faith stayed.

seniors have zero chance of getting into

rc senior unless rc -oe of best in city

the coe ones have to go church every week least 3years and be baptised,

no faith schools on our county.

so getting into faith senior need to be much more committed than at primary level.

BayJay Sun 30-Jun-13 18:50:14

This Independent Feature is all about one family's approach to getting a place at their local school.

I think the bit at the end about the vicar's perspective is interesting. Not sure how typical it is, but certainly there's a wide range of views among the clergy. I know one of my local CE schools doesn't use baptism in its criteria specifically because the vicar who was a governor at the time saw it as something that should be kept sacrosanct. However, the same vicar made it clear on his website that all were welcome at his services, including atheists, and was happy to sign people's school forms if they met the attendance stats. Church attendance shot up as a result, because people saw it as no more hypocritical than going to church for a wedding or funeral. People are used to listening respectfully (if selectively) to religious sermons.

Another local vicar signed a friend's form knowing full well they hadn't set foot in a church. Apparently he was annoyed that the school in question prioritised families from its neighbouring church, which therefore poached families from his own church.

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