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Lady Barn House School or Greenbank Preparatory School

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yummymumoftwoandanangel Wed 22-May-13 23:21:42

Hi everyone
I will be moving to Cheadle (Cheshire) area with my two daughters in the next few months. I am considering either Lady Barn House School or Greenbank Prep School for my youngest starting from the nursery. I have visited both schools and both seem really good.
I would welcome views from other mums who have any knowledge or experience with either or both of these schools.
Crucially, which of them would also make dropping my oldest off at Withington Girls easier.

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lkarakhanyan Sun 07-Dec-14 17:22:17

Hi there. I wouldn't advise anyone ladybarn, as the staff is rude and they have a problem with attitude, they always speak about their high standards, how popular and academic they are. Have been in greenbank, I would say the best school so far, staff was so good, had a chat with head teacher , she was so friendly and never mentioned anything about the standards. Liked the school and will apply for both of my kids.

bearwithspecs Sun 07-Dec-14 17:28:28

People rave about Ladybarn but don't know anyone at Greenbank. Isn't Ladybarn a bit nearer the a34 to get to Withington? I would however advise using the school bus instead as the traffic will be hideous - 3 miles could take you 45 mins

canny1234 Mon 08-Dec-14 14:58:29

Ladybarn is not as good as it used to be.Several families have left recently or are planning on leaving.

SophieJo Mon 08-Dec-14 19:48:17

Definitely Greenbank. A very caring and friendly school.

ParentLBHS Fri 12-Dec-14 15:12:56

All my children have been educated at Lady Barn. It is an amazing school full of kind & caring staff. It's an academic school that gets excellent results but most of all it's lots of fun! It's a shame this thread is so negative & rather inaccurate. Listen to those who have actually know!

canny1234 Sat 13-Dec-14 11:54:50

I do know.I went there myself a long time ago.I also have relatives still there.I repeat,several kids are leaving although the parents have been told to keep this quiet.The current headmistress is not rated at all.

spie Sat 14-Feb-15 20:31:03

There is a lot of jealousy about lady barn specially when people don't pass. It's really hard to get in but keep tryin, relocation makes places com up. My sister's kid is still waiting for a place , they are so sought after. They are streets ahead of the other preps and the head is amazin. My son went right through lbhs and he is at MGS now. He still misses it at lady barn. It's got such a fantastic staff and it really isn't a hot house they give them huge load if fantastic experiences. They also keep their fees down so less rich can come. Amazin school.

Ramae Wed 12-Jul-17 01:31:56

Some astonishingly random insights here about Ladybarn that I don't recognise in any way. Both my children went to Ladybarn the youngest has just finished. The school has no entrance exams but has the greatest success of any school in senior independent school exams (MGS, Withington girls, Manchester High, Stockport, CHS) and also all the free Trafford Grammar schools then any other school. But it's not just about being the best academic school in the north and rivalling any other prep school in the U.K., the school has an excellent off curriculum agenda, the 2017 production of Oz was outstanding, something most secondary schools would be proud of, as well as specific teachers for music, drama, science, sports and others. The question is why wouldn't you send your child to Ladybarn, children are happy, confident and challenged within their ability. Greenbank is round the corner and also a good school but academically not where Ladybarn is.

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