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I now know who dds reception teacher is going to be and the date that she starts school

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sparkler1 Tue 23-May-06 21:31:49

DH and I have been to a meeting this evening for parents who have children starting reception in September.
Have been through all this with dd1 already but wanted to go just refresh on old things and learn of new.
They told us who their teachers are going to be and all the dates of events leading up to the day that they start school.
DDs class has been split into two groups and she will be starting school on Wednesday 13th September. Sob! Sad that she is growing up so quicly but so and excited for her. I know she's going to love it.

sparkler1 Tue 23-May-06 21:32:34

I was surprised to find out who her teacher is so soon. I dont remember finding out about dd1's so early.

mistressmiggins Tue 23-May-06 21:32:57

I have my meeting tomorrow night (alone) but looking forward to it

cant believe DS (just 4) is going to school

nikkie Tue 23-May-06 21:53:23

I haven't got a date for the meeting yet! Asked in Nursery and teacher said will be end of June.Have heard rumors that there will only be one class this year but 1 1/2 teachers as it is a small intake

sparkler1 Tue 23-May-06 21:54:14

I know., the years have flown by. Is you ds looking forward to it? My dd just missed out on school last year (has a November birthday) and would have been more than happy to start. She will love it.

hulababy Tue 23-May-06 21:55:40

We know DD's teacher - there is only one. She is going to visit DD at nursery tomorrow. Then on 5th June me, Dh and DD are visiting the school. DD gets chance to watch a ballet lesson and then join in with some informal play, whilst DH and I chat to the teacher. This was supposed to be a big group thing with all the other girls and parents joining this September, but sadly we are on holiday when that is.

It is really exciting for DD and she can't wait. I feel that she is growing up so quickly a bit though.

hulababy Tue 23-May-06 21:56:26

Must remember to find out term dates and if FT or PT in first weeks, and for how long.

sparkler1 Tue 23-May-06 21:58:03

Our school do mornings for the first half of the term - the final week before half term holidays the children stay an extra hour and take their lunch. Then the older ones go full time in October the rest are full time after christmas.

kid Tue 23-May-06 22:04:32

I hadn't even thought about who will be DS's teacher as he doesn't go reception till January. The school probably haven't even decided who will be the teacher yet so I doubt we will find out until the last week of term!

blueteddy Tue 23-May-06 22:07:23

Message withdrawn

Yorkiegirl Tue 23-May-06 22:08:55

Message withdrawn

foxinsocks Tue 23-May-06 22:09:24

ours are part time for the whole of the first term - then those who have turned 5 go full time in Jan and everyone else stays part time till the summer term when they are all full time together

we haven't found out about teachers/classes yet but I doubt we will for another month - we haven't had the 'which 3 children would you like to be with' form yet

I too cannot believe how quickly time has gone. In only a few months time, our little ones will be in uniform ready to go to school!

hulababy Wed 24-May-06 17:54:07

PT for so long! I am hoping for a week, two max! Otherwise I have problems!!!

grumpyfrumpy Thu 25-May-06 08:26:38

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

julienetmum Wed 31-May-06 23:39:29

We are going to a new parents evening in a couple of weeks. We will then make an appointment to take dd to meet her new teacher.

However she told me last week she didn't have story time at nursery but went to visit reception. She seems to be looking forward to moving up but I expect will be sad to leave her nursery teachers.

She starts on 6th September and will be full time straight away.

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