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Bond books question - how many years ahead for super-selectives?

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summerplease Wed 22-May-13 16:29:29

What sort of age of Bond books would you normally be doing to succeed in the 11+ for super-selective grammars and top independent schools?
I read they are quite a high standard for the age they give on the front anyway. Would children be a year ahead and scoring highly on these or more than that?

PastSellByDate Thu 23-May-13 04:14:11

Hi summerplease:

Don't totally know myself and from what I can gather it really depends on your region.

May be advisable to look at the 11+ forum here: It's absolutely free and if you scroll down a bit there is advice specific to regions.


summerplease Thu 23-May-13 12:55:03

Thanks. Tried to search on there but nothing really came up. Surprising as I would think it's a common question.

piggywigwig Thu 23-May-13 13:34:18

What I can recommend, is that you go back to your regional board on the eleven plus site and initially find out if Bond is suitable preparation for the superselective schools you're hoping your DC will win a place at.

DD2 has a place at a superselective in Essex and only used Bond VR as an introduction and quickly stopped using them, as they weren't appropriate for the exams she sat.

You'll need to find out whether you have VR/NVR or a combination of these plus English and Maths. Bond can be useful for English, English Comprehension and Maths in general terms but again, you really do need to know what exams your DC will be sitting and then take it from there

musu Thu 23-May-13 14:11:38

Don't preps always go on about working 2 years ahead? I know where we live (Bucks) there was a general complaint that the maths required for 11+ was not taught in year 6 until after the 11+ exam was taken.

summerplease Thu 23-May-13 15:06:10

Yes heard that two years ahead thing a lot. Then again the top group in a state primary is sometimes working at that level (well at least occasionally).

Thanks Piggy. I will do that.

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