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Are there any experts on nursery admissions around please?

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OldBench Wed 22-May-13 16:12:19

I could do with a bit of advice, not sure if the usual people will be expert on nursery admissions too though?

OrganixAddict Wed 22-May-13 16:27:12

What kind of nursery? Assuming pre school type attached to a school, most round here are own admissions authority and admission is based on what ever their published criteria are. What's the issue?

OldBench Wed 22-May-13 16:45:19

Hi there - I have PMd you, hope that's ok.

Littlefish Wed 22-May-13 17:13:14

I'm a nursery teacher - pm me if you like.

Picturesinthefirelight Wed 22-May-13 17:14:44

In our area nursery admissions are handled in exactly the same way as reception class, just slightly different deadline dates

OldBench Wed 22-May-13 17:33:01

Thanks Littlefish, have PMd you too.

Any other experts who'd be willing to receive a PM please say or PM me!

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