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I have a job interview for a TA job and the school maybe turned into an academy

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llllll Wed 22-May-13 11:13:45

should I be worried??? I have looked up academy schools and it seems that the terms and conditions of employment will change.

I have an interview and I have experience of Nursery/Reception children and this is for Year 1 so I am now thinking maybe I am the only candidate for the job!!

The school has had two satisfactory ofsted inspections so that is why it wants to be an academy. I dont want to take this job then 6 months down the line I might be out of a job.

Anyone have experience of academy schools


prh47bridge Wed 22-May-13 13:52:50

If you are already employed by the school when it converts you will be protected by TUPE. This means they cannot change your terms and conditions unless they can show that there is an adequate economic, technical or organisational reason to do so.

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