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Has anybody got Maths Factor to work on an IPad?

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Blueskiesandbuttercups Wed 22-May-13 09:36:43

If so how?

If not,seen any good alternatives?Working on the Ipad is the only way to go with ddgrin.

mrsmortis Wed 22-May-13 10:05:55

It won't work on the iPad. It needs Flash which doesn't run on an iPad or and iPhone.

Blueskiesandbuttercups Wed 22-May-13 10:21:07


No Apps?They need sort it. < gavel>

BlueChampagne Wed 22-May-13 13:55:32

Some kind soul from MN pointed me at the puffin browser which DOES support flash on an ipad. You can get 14 days free trial but I think it's only a couple of quid anyway.

Lonecatwithkitten Wed 22-May-13 14:23:10

If you get Puffin browser websites that need flash player will run on this, but you need the paid for version not the free one.
DD's school uses Mathletics on their iPads and fully investigated this and purchased Puffin to solve the problem.

Blueskiesandbuttercups Wed 22-May-13 14:25:42

So if you get Puffin you can run Maths Factor?<clueless>

Lonecatwithkitten Wed 22-May-13 14:27:19

Yes you can

Milzy Wed 22-May-13 14:38:03

We've been using Komodo Maths on our ipad and I'd recommend it. I've seen great progress and it's easy to use, great rewards system. You have to sign up on their site then download the app to the ipad. My friend has an andoid tablet and she's using it too.

Blueskiesandbuttercups Wed 22-May-13 15:17:55

Fantastic- thank you all.

Will look at Komodo too.

simpson Wed 22-May-13 21:11:46

Puffin browser will do it (as others have said, I think it's £1.99) but beware it does drain your battery life sad

ClayDavis Wed 22-May-13 21:49:55

How old is your dd? I like what I've seen of beluga maths so far. It's only a pilot at the moment, so the full app isn't available yet (although I believe it is coming soon). It's also completely free.

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