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nutcracker Tue 23-May-06 18:36:15

Dd1 (8) has to do a project on the Romans.
So far she/we have decided to do Famous Romas and thats it.

Any good websites or places to visit (brum) would eb great. Particularly want piccies, postcards or something but are drawing blanks.

cece Tue 23-May-06 18:38:04

bbc website should have some stuff in it - link to education - as they do videos for schools.

nutcracker Tue 23-May-06 18:39:32


Whizzz Tue 23-May-06 18:43:59

stuff here

here - it's Brum!

WigWamBam Tue 23-May-06 18:48:09

There's a Roman road and some other bits and pieces in Sutton Park - they have leaflets with pictures in the visitor centre.

There's also the remains of a fort at Wall - which is about a mile away from Shenstone railway station. They have a small but interesting museum there as well.

Lunt Roman fort out at Bagington (near Coventry) is worth a visit as well, if you can get there.

nutcracker Tue 23-May-06 18:51:16

Oooh thanks. Not sure we should do famous romans as there is info on them but not many piccies and stuff for her to use.

Choices are ...

Roman soldiers
Roman baths
Roman clothing
Roman cities
Why the romans came to britain
Life in britain before the roman invasion
What the romans did for britain
Roman roads
Roman inventions
Famous romans

Then it says theses are just a few examples, feel free to choose a different area.......

What do you think ??

nutcracker Tue 23-May-06 18:51:45

Which is the nearest entrance to the visitor centre WWB ???

nutcracker Tue 23-May-06 18:52:59

It's ok, just found it, the town gate entrance, park road.

alexsmum Tue 23-May-06 19:07:37

what the romans did for britain would be easier.more subject matter.

what did the romans ever do for us?
irrigation, education,sanitation,(sorry monty python fan!)

nutcracker Tue 23-May-06 19:09:44

You think Alexsmum ? See I know i'll end up doing most of the work so it has to be easy for me LOL.

Think I will take a visit to the visitor centre in sutton park and see what they have the most info on, library too.

peachyClair Tue 23-May-06 19:18:16

if there's anything I can send in the way of pics / postcards, i live within a Roman settlement and have an amphithatre at the rend of the road? Caerleon, BTW. Happy tom pop a few cards up?

cece Tue 23-May-06 19:18:40

How about the Roman legacy - things that we still have around now that the Romans invented/brought to Britain, like cement, central heating etc

WigWamBam Tue 23-May-06 19:23:05

I had a quick Google, and some of these look useful:

What the Romans did for us

From a school's website

BBC Schools

Another school website

Roman schools

Daily life in Ancient Rome

azroc Tue 23-May-06 19:30:03

Have you tried the Horrible Histories books? They do two books on Romans. My 9-yo dd loves them - the info just leaps off the page and into her head. Not boring in the slightest.

learnandsay Wed 08-Feb-12 10:28:19

We cooked a Roman meal once. It was fun. We're going to do it again.

user1457183555 Sat 05-Mar-16 15:07:46

This is new on Amazon. Fun educational poems.

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