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Is it tricky to get into a school in another county?

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greenandorange Tue 21-May-13 14:39:55

We will be moving to another county this summer. Their LEA website states that those relocating from another county need to contact their own county regarding school places. So yesterday I sent our LEA an email but have not had a reply yet. Are they are going to check which primary schools have places and then give us a list of schools or how does it work? We know where we would like to live but school first.

tiggytape Tue 21-May-13 14:52:31

Unless the school you want has spaces in the correct year group/s and no waiting list, and unless you could accept any offer within a few weeks, it is very hard to get a place in advance of moving.

That is because you have to apply to all schools via the county you live in and using the address you currently live at. So if you want a popular school miles away, you are going to be bottom of their waiting list until you move house and meet the distance criteria better (most schools give priority on waiting lists to those living closest).

If you identify an undersubscribed school in the county you are moving to, you can apply there now and if there are places they must offer you one but they won't hold those places open for you for months. If you apply and get an offer they expect you to start fairly soon.

If the school in the new county has a waiting list, you can also apply now but you will remain at the bottom of that list until you move house when your new distance to the school (being much closer) will put you above some people on the list who live further away. Of course though waiting lists do not guarantee places. Therefore, the new council will allocate you a school that does have places free and you can remain on waiting lists too.

greenandorange Tue 21-May-13 16:39:59

Thank you tiggytape for a very informative response!
Right now I am feeling like not moving at all. What a bad timing to look for schools.
We have been told by our LEA to contact schools regarding places. If there are places we should apply through our county. I know that usually schools do not have information about the allocated spaces or am I wrong? Shall I contact the school direcrly or ask its LEA?
Many thanks again.

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