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Special treats for some year 6 who have done sats

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kidshurt Tue 21-May-13 09:33:11

This year our school have decided that 6 children that sat level 6 in the sats should be treated to a outing of bowling and Mc Donalds, what about the rest of the children that worked so hard at the level they are at? Does anyone else think this is wrong and unfair?

QuintessentialOldDear Tue 21-May-13 13:27:39

Wrong and unfair.

(My son sat L6 Maths) All children are worthy of recognition. If they want to treat them, treat the entire Y6 that sat their sats, not just the L6 children.

TeenAndTween Tue 21-May-13 13:38:18

To those with non-sporty, geeky kids:

I think the issue here is not giving the cleverer kids recognition, it is that what the OP's school have chosen to do, seems disproportional.

So if sporty kids get praise in assembly for doing well in a match, then likewise the children taking level 6 papers should get praise in assembly for taking the extra tests. Schools with a 'house points' system should give points to bright kids as well as to sporty ones.

jeee Tue 21-May-13 14:00:13

My son sat all the level 6 papers - he found it stressful. Should the school have taken him bowling? Absolutely not.

Like most of the level 6 sitters, he has been rewarded again and again throughout primary school - science workshops, meet an author workshops, a visit to a farm on a G & T day out..... He really doesn't need any more treats.

As has been said earlier, the children who really miss out are the nice, quiet, well behaved 'mid-range' children. They never get given anything special.

Recognition, yes, definitely a good idea, but a special treat like this is OTT. Lambeth do (or did) an annual ceremony where the Yr2 children who got straight level 3s in their SATS got medals. Most boring morning of my life, but it meant the world to DD. This proposal is different though.

Theas18 Tue 21-May-13 16:41:39

The sporty kids in our junior school didn't get to go bowling, but they'd get taken to matches/spend days at athletics comps and yes that would involve fast food! I think a day out of school competing with other sporty kids is quite a " treat" even if it only cost transport etc

Fortunately it doesn't affect me now but just putting the case.

I wish there was an answer to the " praising/rewarding good stuff" that suits all kids, but I'm not sure if there is. DH school have many many cups at prizegiving with many for the "most improved" (can be given to the child who couldn't read and now can read the 2 words on a page books as thats infinite improvement!) and even an " all round good egg" type of award. THey are boys aged 7-11 and love prizes.

DD2s school (girls grammar) have a " sunshine award " that is voted within the form for the girl that adds a ray of sunshine to the class. That is nice, but could be awful if they were allowed to be catty and cliquey!

talkingnonsense Tue 21-May-13 19:05:16

Sounds v unfair BUT is it possible that the rest of the class had a lovely treat one day when the level 6's had their tests, and this is just to make it fair? Why not ask the school?

pointythings Tue 21-May-13 19:19:50

Last year DD1's school did treats for everyone, and the ones who sat and got L6 got certificates in assembly at the end of the year. THat was pretty much it. DD has been G + T all through primary and has definitely benefited from extra opportunities, she definitely didn't need more recognition.

kidshurt Wed 22-May-13 08:29:08

No they never had a treat while the others were sitting there level 6 papers.

PastSellByDate Thu 23-May-13 04:49:49


In principle I have nothing against rewarding achievement - and sitting L6 is quite an achievement. According to Mumsnet Learning the target for end KS3 (so for Y9 of senior school) is NC Level 6 (see bottom of this web page

My question would be what was the lead up to this? Were all the children told (at start of KS2?, start of Y5?, Start of Y6?) that if they worked hard enough to be eligible to sit the L6 paper in English or Maths (or both) they would earn the right of going on a special trip?

I suspect the entirety of Y6 will also be offered a special trip as well at some point? That's pretty normal.

So I suppose my question is what would you prefer - a prize for only those that pass the L6 or a reward for all those who attempted it and worked hard to be eligible to take a L6 (because it requires working to that level standardly to be eligible to sit the L6 papers apparently).

So if your school didn't handle it in this way it is a shame - but playing devil's advocate those children who've done well enough to be eligible to sit the L6 also deserve reward for their hard work (which is over and beyond what is expected in Y6).

Perhaps a half-way house is to agree with the school that these children's achievement should be acknowledged, but the school should be better at publicizing there is a reward for achievement and signalling this to parents earlier in KS2.

kidshurt Thu 23-May-13 06:46:49

School have had a change of heart all yr 6 are going bowling now!

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