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Activities to help with the concept of zero?

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fuzzpig Sat 18-May-13 17:31:13

Seems to be a bit of a sticking point for DD (yr1) - eg if given something like 7 + __ = 7 she would say 7 goes in the gap.

Any bright ideas please? smile

insancerre Sat 18-May-13 17:43:15

maybe turn it around and write it as

7 = 7 + ?

ijustwant8hours Sat 18-May-13 18:27:08

How would she cope with 7+0=?, i would do a few like that and 7-0=?

Euphemia Sat 18-May-13 18:38:30

Show her 7 objects (fingers, cubes, anything!) and ask her how many more you need to add to have 7.

Use one fist to represent 7, and the other to represent another number. Put one fist on top of the other and tell her that together your fists add up to 7, so what does the second fist represent?

There's also the strategy "Add Nothing, Do Nothing" - while I don't advocate calling 0 "nothing", it might give her the idea that adding 0 to a number does not change the number.

mrz Sat 18-May-13 19:00:33

I agree she needs to have lots of practical experience ...if you have 7 buttons how many more do you need to make 7?

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