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Feel so bad/guilty about ds2....

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bizzey Thu 16-May-13 11:23:35

Pfb ds1 ...very bright, always been told it by teachers....concentrated allot on him last year...SATS school and stuff..(yr 7 now)

Ds 3 ...Sen...needs allot of extra help and stuff

My lovely ds2 "average middeling tooteling along child " has just told me he is a level 5 in maths ...(yr 5)....

How did I miss that !!shock

Feel really bad for some silly reason ...though obviously he did not need me...but feel bad for some reason ...

Middle child syndrome ?

Ahhh why did I not notice he was clever as well !!!

learnandsay Thu 16-May-13 11:34:43

Maybe your attention was elsewhere. Perhaps you should ask him how he feels about it. It doesn't look as though any harm has been done from your posting.

My own personal feeling is that parents have to make a conscious effort to be fair and not to slip into the old clichés of comparing children, trying to relive their own lives through them (add 1000 more clichés.)

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