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vibrating watches for attentional difficulties

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CatMarwood Thu 16-May-13 09:12:26

I'm just wondering if anyone has tried their child with a vibrating watch or other similar devices for attentional difficulties?

I was originally considering something called MotivAider which can be set easily by the child to vibrate at a set time interval. The only problem is it needs to be either attached to a waist band or kept in the childs pocket. My daughter will certainly loose it. There seem be watches that do something similar, but I'm not sure in practise how effective the are.

Has anyone tried one and if so did it help the child?

CatMarwood Fri 14-Jun-13 09:57:04

CalicoRoses, I don't think our eye exercises are as sophisticated as yours! One involves a piece of string and three buttons placed at different intervals and the other two pencils, one that we start by moving backwards and forwards and then hold near with a second one further away. She then as to switch focus between them. I hope they are going to prove effective!!

CalicoRoses Fri 14-Jun-13 12:12:46

You are doing 'Brock string' and 'pencil pushups'

Those exercises weren't effective for my kids.

Your DD will get bored of doing them and start to cheat and tell you what you want to hear so she can stop doing them.

You'll also never quite know whether you're doing them right or not.

Because Engaging Eyes is a computer program your DD can't cheat it, and the exercises are always being done right.

It was far more effective for my kids than the manual exercises you've been told to do.

CatMarwood Sun 16-Jun-13 20:17:08

I've looked at Engaging Eyes and discussed this with both Kids.

My DD says the exercises we are doing hurt the back of her head but she seems to think that is a good thing and currently is unwilling to try something else! I think this is part of her general anxiety about following rules and getting things right. We have a similar problem with music when all she wants to do is practise scales and studies!!

However, I still have to get my son formally tested for colour overlay and convergence problems and do think he would probably be better with Engaging Eyes! I will try emailing them explaining my daughters reluctance to try and see if they can do a brief free trial.

aciddrops Tue 15-Oct-13 19:30:01

Catmarwood Did they let you do a free trial and did your DD like it?

Beautifulpossum Mon 25-Nov-13 22:39:44

CatMarwood- Hi, not sure what you have decided to do with eye exercises but I would really recommend Engaging Eyes. It is a fun target practice game and my DD really enjoyed it. She only had to do it for a few weeks and her results were amazing. My DS did another( more expensive) American Vision Therapy Programme. It took much longer and was not fun at all. He too made good gains but it was hard work.

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