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about to submit appeal, couple of questions....

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queenfromars Wed 15-May-13 19:23:21

Firstly, I asked admissions for some info such as how many are in each year group - the pan is 45 due to 3 mixed yr1/yr2 classes of 30 but they have told me that the only figures they can give me prior to me receiving their appeal statement are for January this year, and they show that the current reception and year one are both at 46 (year 2 is at 44, so this year only reception appears over pan although if these figures don't change this means that in September the mixed yr1/yr2 group will total 92 instead of 90) I am hoping to use this in my appeal, but what if they give me different figures, will it make a difference?
Also will I have any comeback if these exceptions are children with a SEN, or will they be discounted?

tiggytape Wed 15-May-13 19:47:41

If you are hoping to use the fact that they have gone over PAN already to say they can cope with more than 30 per class, this won't work as 30 is the legal maximum and any 'extra' children will only be there as a result of a late application with a statement or an admissions error that had to be rectified.

If you are thinking about future prejudice, then with 45 already confirmed for the new intake plus the current YR and Y1 figures, they are already at full capacity (current Year 2 don't count as they will be Y3 by the time the new children start). If the numbers for the current YR class were very low, there would be scope to say that it wouldn't be an ICS appeal as, even when mixed, not all classes would reach 30. At the moment though, it looks like they will.

I may have got the wrong end of the stick though in where you are going with the figures they've provided so far.

queenfromars Wed 15-May-13 20:01:11

Current reception is 46 and current yr1 is 46, so when they are mixed in september they will have more than 30, but yes, that is what I was asking, could I use that or like you say, are they likely to be children wiyh sen that wont be counted?

tiggytape Wed 15-May-13 20:16:23

You cannot use it unfortunately
Those 2 extra children appear either because they were admitted following an admissions error that had wrongly denied them a place, on Fair Access Protocol (emergency admission arrangements when no school in the area at all has places for late applicants) or because they have a statement naming the school and were admitted outside the normal admissions round. They don't 'count' as far as the admissions numbers are concerned which is why they are called excepted.

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