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Haywards Heath primary schools

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gallhawk Wed 15-May-13 13:01:30

Anyone have any experience of Warden Park primary Academy in HH? I'm moving to the area with my six year old and the only school place being offered is here. I understand it was previously Heyworth Primary and under social measures by OFSTED. Apparently it's on the up but wondered if anyone knew what it's like?

3MonthMaid Wed 15-May-13 13:17:23

Heyworth serves an area of Haywards Heath which contains primarily council accommodation and is seen as the more "deprived" area. In fact no-where in HH is really that bad and Heyworth also serves The Priory area which is a pretty bog standard MC area.

Historically it has always been seen as the worst Primary in HH.

gallhawk Wed 15-May-13 16:19:05

Thanks 3monthmaid. I'm open minded about the school if the teaching is good. Think it may be our only choice in HH can't get in anywhere else it seems

3MonthMaid Wed 15-May-13 19:50:33

I actually really think that all the schools in HH are pretty good and you might well get a place at your nearest school soon anyway. Which one did you actually want?

It's interesting that Heyworth is now called Warden Park as it feeds into Oathall for secondary usually!

gallhawk Wed 15-May-13 21:14:22

Bolnore or Harlands were my first choices but we originally were going to move to Bolnore village but that's now changed. Apparently if you go to warden park primary you now get automatic place to warden park secondary. I think Northlands is probably our nearest now but their OFSTED isn't great. Even thought of looking at Tavistock and Summerhill as it seemed a cheaper private school but that's probably unlikely.

iAngel Thu 16-May-13 20:54:12

Hi, gallhawk - I just wanted to let you know that I completely understand your reservations, we naturally want the absolute best for our children – However I wanted to assure you one mum to another that Warden Park Primary is a fantastic school with wonderful teachers, yes it was previously under special measures as Heyworth but Mr Davis and his team have worked tirelessly to ensure that we never slip again. I find that parents that have never been to Warden Park Primary always regard it as the poor relation of the Haywards Heath schools, you will find that parents that send their children to the school think the opposite. Please don't let it's history put you off, visit the school and see for yourself. My two children go there my daughter is in year 3 (8yrs) and my son is in reception (5yrs), they are happy, bright individuals who are thriving in all subjects. We don’t just ‘feed’ into Warden Park secondary it’s even better than that; we are actually part of the same Academy and benefit greatly from this as we share resources and often teachers; naturally as we are part of the same school our children do have an automatic right to attend the secondary which is an added bonus! If you do have any questions about the school, please do not hesitate to ask.

Estag Thu 16-May-13 22:21:12

Hi gallhawk, I too was a mum who knew little about Heyworth/warden park, we moved to haywards heath to a nice area in the centre of town and I assumed all the schools round here should be pretty good! Over the next few months I heard all sorts of rumblings about the school but not much was specifically said. Inevitably my daughter was offered a place as it was our catchment school, I put her name down on very long waiting lists for every other school in HH but decided to make up my own mind. On visiting the Heyworth/warden park there was nothing negative, polite children, large classrooms with relatively small numbers of children, some creative teaching, lovely displays and happy faces, so we made the choice to start her at Heyworth ( a few months before they became and academy) and I couldn't be happier. My eldest daughter is now in yr 1 (6yrs)and having been a bit shy and unsure to start has grown in confidence through the excellent teaching and support the school offers. My youngest daughter starts in September and I didn't have a moments hesitation taking up our place! I am so glad I decided to make up my own mind and have been welcomed so much by the staff and other parents. I became a director of warden park (primary and secondary), same as a governor a few months ago and I have been so proud of all the schools achievements, the joined up thinking and how much they care about the views of the parents and the development and well being of all the children. Definitely check it out for yourself.

KatOD Thu 16-May-13 22:31:29

Used to have a bad rep, they nearly re-located it to bolnore at one point, but I have heard that things have improved vastly there (don't live in HH anymore though). If you're religious you could look at St Joseph's (RC where I went) or St Wilfrid's (C of E) as alternatives maybe.

gallhawk Fri 17-May-13 09:45:04

Thanks so much for all the feedback, it's lovely to hear such positive things about the school and certainly makes me feel enthusiastic about it. I think what I really needed was personal experiences as it's difficult to move to a new area and know nothing about the schools apart from Ofstead reports so that's great!

iAngel Fri 17-May-13 16:58:51

Today the Senior Leadership Team at Warden Park Primary won The Teaching Award for Outstanding School Team of the year in our region (London & South East) Really proud smile

gallhawk Fri 17-May-13 19:12:07

Yes I heard about that. What a fantastic achievement - it'll become the most popular school in HH!

Jollyfish Thu 23-May-13 14:34:30

I was advised by friends, family and strangers to stay well clear of this school. Thankfully I listened to one person who advised me to go see for myself. I did and have never looked back. ...and those friends who advised me against? one has moved their child to WP and others are sending their younger kids here. My advice is get a place while there are still places going, another 2 years and people will be moving into this area just to be in catchment! Pls book an appointment and go see for yourself. smile

Jollyfish Thu 23-May-13 16:01:02

FYI. ...

gallhawk Tue 23-Jul-13 16:51:27

Long delay and only just being ale to process school application due to a delayed exchange on our house purchase. The upshot is places are very tight at warden park primary now. We may still get in or the alternative is St Wilfrids. Anyone know anything about this school?

SuedeEffectPochette Tue 23-Jul-13 20:21:34

All the schools in Haywards Heath are good now. Heyworth used not to be and parents went miles to avoid it. Now that it is Warden Park Academy it seems to have soared - amazing achievement considering what I imagine is a catchment area with more issues associated with it. St Wilfreds is a great school. All the children I know that go there love it and their parents are happy with it.

3MonthMaid Tue 23-Jul-13 23:40:27

St Wilfred's is really sought after! I have family there. Would be my first choice...

Icelollycraving Mon 10-Nov-14 20:39:37

I know this is an old thread but was wondering if there was any updates to opinions. I'd be really grateful.

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