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Any experts know why DD (YR) prefers GINN books to ORT?

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fatfloosie Mon 13-May-13 11:25:22

DD started Reception reading a few CVC words and whizzed up the levels until Green which she was on from mid-January until last week. She basically seemed to lose interest in reading and I haven't forced it. She usually wanted me to read her reading books to her or she would read about three pages and say she didn't want to do any more.

Her books are changed weekly and she is given one ORT and another book from a different scheme. The ORT one seems to be the 'main' one, ie the one that almost always is read to the teacher/TA according to the reading diary.

A couple of weeks ago she was accidentally given a turquoise GINN book which she read reasonably easily and happily and wanted to read again.

I pointed out to her teacher that she had been given a turquoise book but had read it and she has now been put up to orange. I am now concerned that I have bounced the teacher into putting her up a level when she wasn't really secure on green (or at least not secure on ORT Stage 5). She has happily read this week's GINN book but is rebuffing the ORT one again - this week's books are ORT Paris Adventure and GINN You Can't Scare Me.

GINN books seem simpler to me, with much more repetition. Are they more decodeable too? Also wondering if the font is easier to read or something? Or maybe she's just sick of Biff, Chip etc

learnandsay Mon 13-May-13 11:42:17

My daughter won't read Floppy Phonics, or Songbirds, but will happily read Ginn Zoom books. The floppy phonics books have larger print, fewer words per page and look babyish. (And they're stupid, but that's just my opinion.) The Ginn ones look more like story books, have stories inside them, are slightly longer and just come across as "more like real books." She used to happily read any non fiction books that we got. But we haven't had any for a while. They always looked like real books. I suppose that's because they were real books. I'm not sure if bouncing from level to level makes any difference if the child can read. If she can read then she can read. I'm sure it only matters if she can't read and you're making her struggle. If that's not the case then there's no problem.

DeWe Mon 13-May-13 11:57:29

Well, don't you have opinions on what sort of books you like?

All my dc had preferences from an early stage:
Dd2 preferred adventure
dd2 fairy/princess/anything sparkly
Ds fact books.

It may be she just finds the story lines more interesting. Why not ask her?

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