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Year 5 - Girls' behaviour

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cyclinghappy Fri 10-May-13 10:13:07

What is your experience of girls' behaviour in year 5? Our teachers say that there are problems almost every year but they settle down by the start of year 6. I've not heard of other schools having problems specifically in year 5. There has been a lot of nastiness this year that has been quite upsetting for some people. I'm hoping that next year is better.

Secondme Wed 15-May-13 16:24:57

Handwriting inspection today. hmm

cassgate Wed 15-May-13 18:19:24

I agree with happymum22 that the way the parents deal with things makes a difference. I have a dd in year 4 and since year r there has been one girl who I will call rose who sees herself as queen bee. I remember from year r to year 2 every few weeks dd would come out of school with tales of rose said this and that, rose said shes not my friend anymore and I cant go to her birthday party. My response was always the same "oh dear thats not nice, stay away from her and play with someone else. She will soon want to be friends with you again when she sees that it doesnt bother you". Other parents handled it differently though and would go marching into school ranting and raving that little joan and mavis (not their real names) were upset because rose was being mean etc. We are now year 4 and rose still sees herself as queen bee but her antics dont bother dd in the slightest. She occasionally comes out of school with rose was mean to me today. My response "well we all know what rose is like dont we". On the other hand Joan and Mavis have not learnt to deal with it and are still sensitive and upset by the slightest thing.

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