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Southfields Grid Primary Schools, thoughts on Riversdale

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Oldtimer2013 Thu 09-May-13 19:52:25

Can anyone tell me more about this school please? I know that Sheringdale is the most popular school in the Southfields area, aside from the church schools, and was impressed when I looked around it. However it is very small, and has a tiny catchment area so the majority of children in Southfields, in particular in the grid area, do not get in there. I looked around Riversdale and thought it seemed nice enough- it lacked the cosy atmosphere of Sheringdale, but it appeared to be a good school. Riversdale seems to be inexplicably avoided by a lot of parents, despite it having a swimming pool, good outdoor space and enthusiastic teachers. Would love some first- hand info on it as my daughter and a number of other parents I know have places for September, and I am a bit unsure about what to do. Thanks!

Oldtimer2013 Thu 09-May-13 19:55:30

Also, what are the other options? Does anyone go private? What schools are close and do you think it's worth it?!

Dorange Thu 09-May-13 20:12:08

The reason why parents living on the Grid avoid Riversdale is because it is bigger than Sheringdale meaning that children from all sorts of backgrounds attend that school. Yes, I'm talking about ESL and FSM. S is such a small school with tiny catchment so the majority of families are the white privileged. I have friends in both schools, the parent in S complains a lot but for her the background of families her kids mix with is more important than anything. Think prejudice. If I had to choose between them and could pick any, I would choose probably S just for the fact it isn't on such a busy road like R. But I would probably visit both and talk to parents about it. Even though parents don't tend to tell they don't like the school their children go to - in case they seem like losers - you can still pick up a lot from whatever they say, specially if you ask the right questions. Oh and looks like S is going to expand so won't be cosy anymore. Have a look on WBC website.

Oldtimer2013 Thu 09-May-13 21:26:19

Thanks that is really helpful- I also kind of got the impression that it was more to do with social prejudice than anything else, although the busy road is definitely off-putting. Thanks for your reply.

Oldtimer2013 Thu 09-May-13 21:28:58

PS I saw that S was going to expand- more chance of getting in but will definitely change the vibe.

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