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Manchesterhistorygirl Thu 09-May-13 15:06:53

In case any of you saw my other thread we were hoping to move to the Wirral,but have since been offered a house we made a ludicrious offer on last year and the owners are waiting for us to sell, so we're staying here now.

Anyhow - wwyd? I need impartial advice.

Ds1 is at primary, yr 2.

In February we brought up with his teacher that ds was being bullied, she was surprised that there was bullying happening at all, despite us being aware that others had raised the matter, all to do with the same particular children.

Anyhow fast forward to now and we had a meeting with the head, because the issue has not been resolved and is getting worse. Again we know that other parents have spoken t the teacher as recently as last week, again. The head had no idea that bullying was happening at all and promised action would be taken. Ds1 is now on a watch list.

We also raised the issue of ds1 having no faith in teaching or lunchtime staff because they always dismiss him when he reports issues of bullying, again I know that this has also been brought up by other parents. The staff also only take into account one side of the story, the easiest story and seemingly can't be bothered getting to the bottom of any issues.

Furthermore ds1 has had 7 teachers in 3 years and we do not know who his teacher will be from September, apparently neither does the school. I am growing more and more concerned that the only person in charge if the class who knows him is the TA who has been the only consistent member of staff. His teacher at parents evening seemed to have no idea who he was.

Also, sorry I'm going on, they are doing SATS (which I will not pressure him over) and poor ds has been in bits because the last two weeks they have been doing practice paper after practice paper, but when we raised the fact we were promised that no pressure would be out on the children we were told that its ds putting too much pressure on himself. Never mind that if they haven't got all the questions correct and completed on the practice paper they've not been allowed out to play!

Would you let school have the chance to correct the problems or would you be looking at other schools? I know bullying occurs, but I feel that if there were consistency in staff and proper reporting procedures were in place it would be better dealt with. I'm also worried that staff will leave again and yet another member of staff will change. I'm also concerned that as ds goes into the next year they go into the big playground and there are more members of the bullies family!

Sorry for rambling, but I needed to offload.

Fuzzymum1 Thu 09-May-13 15:13:33

TBH if there is another option you would be happy with I would consider moving him, you've raised concerns more than once and nothing seems to be getting done. As for his teacher not really knowing your child I would be horrified - my son's teacher knows every child in her class really well and I wouldn't expect anything less than that! Any school that keeps a Y2 child in at playtime for not scoring 100% on a SATs paper would ring alarm bells. Yes I agree that children should be introduced to the style of SATs papers so they understand what to do when they sit the tests but that is the limit of the preparation I would want.

Pyrrah Thu 09-May-13 15:14:03

Look for another school as fast as possible. You are paying for his education via your taxes and should be getting value for money.

If the current school won't or can't provide a safe environment and the right standard of teaching then I would look for somewhere that can.

jellysmum77 Thu 09-May-13 15:15:15

To be honest I often find that when parents are unhappy with a school they know in their hearts that they want to move the children but tend to stick at it hoping that something will change. If I felt so unhappy with my child's school I would move them. But not before discussing with the child themselves what they feel about it. I have seen so many parents send their child's whole school time complaining about the place and wishing they'd moved them.

Just as a completely unrelated side- We moved from the Wirral in August and are moving back next month!

Manchesterhistorygirl Thu 09-May-13 15:18:43

Thank you all it really helped to write it all down. Ds says he's happy there, but I worry about him.

Another thing I missed was the head has guaranteed that ds2 will get a place! I didn't think the head could do that and proper criteria applied!

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