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DD (year 2) has to do a talk at school tomorrow and is terrified

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bubblesinthesky Tue 07-May-13 14:25:43

Everything is prepared. She knows it pretty well by heart which is good as she'll have no notes.

Trouble is she is frightend of doing it. She's talking about being ill so she won't have to go. Its a five minute talk to her own year group.

she's a bright girl. She's put together a good talk but she's terrified of doing it. We had tears last night, crying during hte night and tears this morning. I am dreading tonight.

If she's off tomorrow they'll just swap her date round and she'll still have to do it. The whole year are doing one over the course of a few weeks

What can I do to help her confidence?

Seeline Tue 07-May-13 14:34:47

I would have a chat with her teacher for a start. A 5min talk for a Y2 is quite long if they are not used to speaking in front of others. They should be able to help her feel more comfortable with the process.
At my DCs school, the children are encouraged from the very beginning to talk in fornt of others in class, in year assemblies and cross-year assemblies through 'sharing' their work and activities, which I think really helps build confidence for such events. Obviously not much help for your DD at this late stage though.
Maybe if she practised her speech in a more realistic environment it might help eg people sitting on chairs in front of her (or teddies might be less scary!) Tell her that everyone feels nervous doing such things, and it is normal and fine to do so. She is maybe a little young to do the 'imagine everyone with no clothes on' line, but howabout being bald or having funny makeup - might help her relax.
In the longer term, some sort of drama activity might help her confidence.

jamtoast12 Tue 07-May-13 17:45:22

Our school is doing these this week too- also year 2. Maybe the same school!??? surely they'll let them use notes, our school says they can use any props etc? My DS is using photos and has written the whole thing out so she can read it if all else fails. No way will they expect year 2 to learn off by heart.

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