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BSB, how is driving time between UCCLE/Ixelles and BSB

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drivingmom Sat 04-May-13 08:44:35

Hi all! I saw during my sleepless night that this is a very active forum. We are moving to Brussels my children currently study at Lycee Fr. (abroad) and will supposedly continue at LF. However they have been put in a waiting llst! Needing to find an international solution (belgian schools out of the question because of mobility as a diplomat) for their schooling. We are pretty sure we would go for BSB because of the bilingual programme. Here is the problem, how traffic is to drive all the way form the Cavell area to BSB. I am used to traffic in big cities -inlcuding the fact that we have lived in Brussels in the past, but my DH (Nordic) is horrorized by the idea. We have already rented the house always considering that it was Our ideal neighborhood because of DH work and the proximity to LF. Anyone there experiencing driving this route everyday? how is it? What is realistic in terms of time?

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