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What after-school clubs does your school offer?

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inthesark Tue 30-Apr-13 18:57:20

Other than sports? Ours mostly does what amounts to extra PE. A few of us are going to offer our services to get some other, simple, ones running, and I was wondering what clubs are popular at your school.

I did see another local school had a Hama beads club, but I am just boggled at the thought of what you do with the unfinished ones each week, so if you can answer that too, that would be even more helpful.

SomeBear Wed 01-May-13 17:03:40

At our junior school, it's minimal. Netball, football, film club, salsa dancing and parkour (run by an external company). No lunch clubs other than cross country and breakfast club only runs on two days a week. As a working parent, it drives me potty. I'm very jealous of some of the selection of clubs offered by other schools elsewhere!

MTSgroupie Wed 01-May-13 17:38:16

Some of the others plus Gardening Club (free).

UniS Wed 01-May-13 20:46:42

Non traditional sports & other clubs in a smallish school ( about 200 pupils)

Lunchtime Teacher led
Newspaper club Ks2
Recorder club Ks2

Lunchtime parent led
Chess club Ks2

After school teacher led

Parent led
2 language clubs

SpeechGarden Fri 21-Jun-13 01:02:52

What do you estimate you spend on clubs each year per child? Is it reasonable for children years three and four to wish to join clubs most afternoons?

We are moving from the US to The Reading area and are trying to determine how much money will be needed for clubs.

Thank you!

Silverstar2 Fri 21-Jun-13 07:32:01

wow I can't believe all the clubs offered! At my dc's school - village school, about 200 pupils - there are no lunch time clubs, and never have been, and then just a few after school, all sporty - basketball, football, and ummm, oh netball I think.

To be honest, the teachers just won't do it - they never want to do out of hours stuff, and never support events run by the PTA - discos, fetes, etc. As a working parent I could do with a few more!


signet Fri 21-Jun-13 07:46:20

SpeechGarden I don't spend too much on clubs. Most of the ones mine attend are free school clubs although we do swimming and scouting which cost a little bit. Mine never attended clubs aged 3 and 4 but I guess it is whatever works for you and your family.

Good luck with the move. I live in the Reading area too and you'll enjoy it!

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