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can someone please explain the process of in year admissions please

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mumineedapooooo Mon 29-Apr-13 20:53:55

We are moving house,not far away but hope to get ds moved to the local school. We have visited today and i have filled in the admission form and given it back to the school to send off.
Can someone explain what to expect next,will it take long to hear back? the head said its likely to go to appeal as the yr 2 class is full at the moment, a family is emmergrating which will open a place but we dont know when that will be.
What will a appeal involve?im not very clued up and dont know anyone that has been through this before

prh47bridge Mon 29-Apr-13 21:43:32

If you are in England the form will go to the LA - it should really have gone there rather than to the school in the first place but that shouldn't make any difference. If the school is full in the relevant year you will be refused admission and the LA will offer a place elsewhere unless they think the current school is close enough for your son to carry on there. You can then appeal for a place in Y2.

If there are 30 children per class in Y2 your appeal will be an infant class size case which means it is very unlikely you will win. However, your chances with an appeal for Y3 would be much better. You would need to show how your son will be disadvantaged if he does not get a place at this school. Look at anything this school has that is missing from his whatever school they offer and which would be particularly useful for your son.

mumineedapooooo Tue 21-May-13 11:35:00

the class sizes in this school is 12, that is the max number, its a small school with mixed classes. yr 1 and 2 are together.
ive got our hearing date through, 10th June. im not feeling very positive about it.
ive managed to get a letter off our gp to say he supports us in that ds should go to closest school due to asthma making it hard to walk to current school everyday. will this have much impact on their decision?

prh47bridge Tue 21-May-13 12:29:39

On the information you have posted this is not an ICS appeal. That means your son's asthma is potentially relevant. The GP's letter could help. The wording is important. If it says, "In my opinion DS needs to go to the nearest school" or similar I would expect the panel to treat it as important evidence. They won't attach so much weight if it says, "Mrs X tells me..." or similar.

mumineedapooooo Tue 21-May-13 14:04:51

but the reason we have to appeal is because there is not enough room,max intake is 12, although the head has told me he feels he can accommodate him.
Ive not got the letter in front of me but says something along the lines of 'I (gp) can confirm R has asthma which would make a long walk to school everyday difficult, I support his request to move to a closer school.

prh47bridge Tue 21-May-13 16:35:57

If the school had not already admitted the maximum number you wouldn't need to appeal. That is what appeals are for. The appeal panel has to decide whether the problems your son will face as a result of not being admitted outweigh any problems the school will face as a result of having an additional pupil. The letter from the GP should help.

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