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Possible to enter a child into junior school a year early?

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Snowme Mon 29-Apr-13 17:16:30

I'm assuming this can't be done as there's absolutely zero search results, but is it possible to enter a child into junior school a year early?

My daughter (Year 1, just turned 6) is on waiting lists for a local school as we've moved and she's still being driven and bussed in to her old school 4 miles away.
Her younger sibling has just been allocated a place at the infant school next to us.

The junior school is adjacent to this infant school, and as I'm suffering quite significantly financially with transporting her to the old school, putting her in juniors a year early might be convenient (for me). I have explored every conceivable avenue re: affording transport costs, in year admissionetc etc by the way.

Her cousin who turned 7 this January, starts Junior school this September. He won't be 8 until next January. I assumed you had to be 8 to start Juniors, but their school merges year groups, so perhaps that's the reason.

The idea was presented to me by someone at the school gates who knew of Australian expats returning and putting their child straight into Juniors a year early (Their child is also 6) so it must be possible. I just can't seem to find any google results on such a procedure.

Snowme Mon 29-Apr-13 17:17:59

Well, their child turns 7 next year, perhaps that makes a difference , or something to do with the Australian school system year grading being 'ahead' perhaps.

Smartiepants79 Mon 29-Apr-13 17:22:33

Well I know nothing about the Australian school system but I think the only way you could know for sure is to speak to the school.
You must consider very carefully if your child is academically and socially able enough to cope with being moved.
Based on my knowledge of uk school system I'd be very surprised if they allow this except in exceptional circumstances.

SuburbanRhonda Mon 29-Apr-13 17:24:55

Maybe I'm misunderstanding something here, but shouldn't you be looking at getting her into an infant school if she's in year 1? Sorry if I'm being dense.

I don't think the LA would place her out of her year group to alleviate transport problems, tbh.

exexpat Mon 29-Apr-13 17:29:39

The only Australians I know who have done this in the UK were at a private school. State schools are normally extremely strict about sticking to age boundaries, and I can't imagine that they would make an exception purely for your convenience rather than educational need.

PatriciaHolm Mon 29-Apr-13 17:45:20

If her cousin has turned 7 in jan, he will be in yr2 now, yr 3 in sept , so right year for juniors.

Sorry but there is pretty much zero chance of you getting your DD into the year above. It's pretty much impossible even for very educationally advanced children.

lougle Mon 29-Apr-13 18:11:54

Actually, not so impossible.

This year the Schools Admissions Code changed.

"2.17 Admission of children outside their normal age group - Parents of gifted and talented children, or those who have experienced problems or missed part of a year, for example due to ill health, can seek places outside their normal age group. Admission authorities must make decisions on the basis of the circumstances of each case, informing parents of their statutory right to appeal. This right does not apply if they are offered a place in another year group at the school." 2012 Code

Now, that doesn't give an automatic right, but it opens the gate for negotiation.

tiggytape Mon 29-Apr-13 19:31:14

It isn't impossible.
In rare cases children can be kept back a year or put forward a year. But only where it is deemed necessary to meet their educational and other needs. And it is down to the LA and experts involved in the child's care to agree to this.
It is very, very rare though - in the vast majority of cases a child will be kept in the correct year with addisional support for their needs

For transport reasons alone - you would have no chance of securing this and I think they'd be highly surprised that you would ask.
It is not in your DD's best interests at all to be with older children and miss a year of her education just to make getting to school easier. The LA would advise that you find a local infant school and accept any places offered there.

Her cousin is starting Juniors at the right age. The first year of Juniors is Year 3. Children start juniors at age 7 and turn 8 at some stage in that academic (not calender) year. The academic year runs 1st Sept - 31st August.
So reception is age 4 going on 5, it is age 5 going on 6 for year 1, age 6 going on 7 for Year 2 and age 7 going on 8 for Year 3.
Children in your nephew's year will start Year 3 in September at the age of 7 and will turn at any point up to and including August 31st 2014.

tiggytape Mon 29-Apr-13 19:32:18

and will turn *8 at any point up to and including August 31st 2014.

tiggytape Mon 29-Apr-13 19:39:28

Sorry - I meant to also ask, what have your council done about finding DD a local school place?
When you moved, did you apply for several schools? Are you on the waiting list for all of them?
The council are obliged to either find you a local place, or if there are none in a reasonable distance, you should ask about them paying transport costs.
If you are forced to attend a school more than 2 miles away because none of the nearer ones have a place then the LA is obliged to provide free transport.

I do understand why you are keen to move things along but your focus needs to be on getting a Year 1 place in a local school and making sure the council don't just assume you are happy to travel miles each day. Have you been in contact with them recently? It is often a good idea to keep in touch nag them

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