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private school places

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charlottenina Fri 26-Apr-13 18:00:25

just wondering - if people accept both state and private places - when do they reject the state places? in august? just wondering if some spaces will be free before september?

drshuchisood Fri 26-Apr-13 20:21:49

hi there,
i m thinking of puting my son in private school next year for year 1.I m targeting two schools in northwood,one is northwood prep and other is st. Martins.does anybody know what do they ask in assessment for year 1.What is the curriculum i need to follow to get my son prepared for that?

LIZS Fri 26-Apr-13 20:29:31

You usually have to give a full term's notice of not taking up a private place (or pay a term's fees in lieu) so I'd expect most movement from that to be very soon.

Shichi, I'd suggest you start a new thread (click on start above) using a more specific title or on the relevant *Local Talk* page to get better response

AngiBolen Fri 26-Apr-13 20:33:51

I know some one who accepted an independent place, but then was too lazy forgot to decline the state place until the end of August. I also know someone who was desperate for a place at that state village school. I almost knew what the out come would be....but could only sit back and watch....

mumteacher Sun 28-Apr-13 22:54:00

Generally London independent school results are out by Feb/March so that's when people should turn down state the ideal world!

spottyparrot Sun 28-Apr-13 22:58:34

Some people hold onto their state places until August, yes. In some cases it's just complete disregard for others who may need the state place they are releasing but in other cases, people are terrified of the school fees and hold onto the state place in case of a job loss before August etc.

spottyparrot Sun 28-Apr-13 22:59:36

Meant t add that i know soeone who got a state place in August firm the waiting list.

spottyparrot Sun 28-Apr-13 22:59:52


cindamyricks Mon 29-Apr-13 10:33:30

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