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Primary schools in Exeter, Devon - info please?

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Mama123456 Fri 26-Apr-13 08:24:49

Hi, we are considering a move to Exeter and trying to see a number of schools to choose a primary. St Leonards Primary School though doesn't seem to allow visits apart from a few group visits in the year. It seems to be over subscribed though so guess that means its good? Hard to know if its the right fit for us without seeing it though so wondered if anyone could share their thoughts about what it offers and the sort of families that it suits? Have tried the Parents View Ofsted but they don't have enough completed questionnaires to give results on it. Also, anyone have any insights into Newtown Primary or Ladysmith that they can share? Any others that you really recommend? We need to be walking distance to the city centre ideally but with some green space. Many thanks for any time you can share on this thread, it's much appreciated:-).

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