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Ashton Gate / Southville mums... desperately seeking schools advice

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theonlywayisbristol Thu 25-Apr-13 11:39:36

I'm relocating to s. bristol with a 4 yr old in September - it's all been a bit of a last-minute decision and I am way behind the curve of local schools knowledge.

We know where we're living - Chessels bit of Bedminster, behind North St - so our nearest school is Luckwell which seems to have impressive rebuilding outside (I'm waiting for an appt to see inside) and has been turned around to a 'good' Ofsted inspection. But Ashton Gate, rated outstanding, is not that much further away - should I risk putting it 1st? And what should I put for the 3rd choice? I know the pressure on all these schools is immense, but Bristol city council admissions peeps have said lots of the primaries are doing bulge years, and as I'm making a late application, hoping I might get lucky... though obviously a quick scout on here has horror stories of being given a school in Shirehampton - I'm a working mum and just couldn't do that commute, esp as she'll finish school 3 hours before I leave work.

anyway - worst case scenario, I have to take out a loan, find a private nursery for 4 yr olds near my work and just hang on for a place to turn up... has anyone done this and would recommend anywhere?

also I'm about to post on the secondary thread as I have twin 10 yr olds too - I went and stood outside Ashton Gate on Sunday and the rebuild looks amazing - if anyone has any advice about this school too I would be very grateful

theonlywayisbristol Thu 25-Apr-13 12:07:08

doh sorry... just realised I should post on the Bristol page... reposting now!

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