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racmun Wed 24-Apr-13 07:14:58

Hi I'm in the process of moving within Reigate. We've seen a property we like but it is actually closer to the Parish than Holmesdsle. We're not religious and looking at the distances for 2012 we wouldn't get in on a non church place. Its close but not close enough.
The problem then is we would come in the 4th tier of admissions for Holmesdale as its not our nearest school.

From what I understand Holmesdale has had a bulge class for it's last 2 years intake. (2012 and this year 2013).

It makes a huge difference as to how far out places are offered. Does anyone know if Holmesdale will have a bulge class in 2014.

I have spent hours trawling through surrey cc docs online but cannot find the details of when /where such decisions are made.

Thanks in advance for your help

LIZS Wed 24-Apr-13 07:21:03

I don't think they will know this far ahead tbh . The Holmesdale site is not large and they have had to install extra classrooms to take the bulge classes, so not sure of it has already reached capacity. Have you asked the school ? Also there is an extra school planned for the area (had heard that a temporary one may be established on the old Sandcross Infants site this Sept pending a new build in Redhill/Merstham).

tiggytape Wed 24-Apr-13 07:30:02

Bulge classes are designed to be one-off and temporary extra classes for one year only to help meet the excess demand for places in an area. They are more of an emergency measure than a long term plan.

Whilst some schools do have them in several year groups (and some schools use them as a spring board to permanent expansion), you cannot ever rely on there definitely being one in any particular year.
Typically, the decision to have bulge classes is made fairly late and finalising which schools will take the extra pupils is made later still. On allocation day some children can be without offers who, some weeks later, get an offer due to a bulge class being agreed.

BranchingOut Wed 24-Apr-13 07:38:09

I personally would not buy the house.

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