Bromley - Primary schools and where to buy house !?!?!?

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mumtosp Tue 23-Apr-13 22:28:14

Hi all,

We are looking to move to Bromley in the next couple of months and can't decide where !! We like Petts Wood and Chislehurst from the few houses we've seen...

DS is only 6 months old and I know catchment areas and school ratings can drastically change in the next 4 years, but as things stand now where would you recommend I live?? I highly doubt we can get into any of the CoE or RC schools as we do not belong to the faith... at times I am almost tempted to convert as these schools have such excellent rating !!

A few other questions...

1) How do I get a copy of this year's primary admissions booklet?? - need to look up catchment areas
2) If I live in Petts Wood, will Darrick Wood school be too far away??
3) If I live in Farnborough, what is the best way to get into Canary Wharf?? Do I get the train from Orpington??

Thanks in advance for your help !! This house search is doing my head in !!


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mumtosp Wed 24-Apr-13 07:43:17


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noramum Wed 24-Apr-13 11:22:11

We live in West Wickham so can't really comment on PW or Chiselhurst.

You should be able to get the booklet for last year from the council

The booklet for the admission for 2014 won't be available before September/October 2013.

But: DD started in 2011 and there were already huge issue with spaces, 2012 was worse, 9 primaries took on bulge classes. If I understand it correctly 2013 also is bad. For example in DD's Infant school there are 5 siblings starting from her class alone, if this is average than one of the two entry classes could be made up of siblings again.

I think you will need to be prepared to have a gamble, regardless where you are in Bromley there may be issues in 3 years time. Also schools change, Bromley is pushing all primaries to convert to acadamies, so nobody knows how this will effect the admission in future.

Re trains: Orpington ones run to Cannon Street/Charing Cross but I don't know if they stop in Lewisham where you can change to the DLR. You can get the station route from or

NorthernLurker Wed 24-Apr-13 12:16:01

Based on this thread I would forget Bromley unless you want to go private. It sounds hellish there atm

allyfe Wed 24-Apr-13 21:18:48

Bromley has good schools, but you need to decide which 1 school you want and make sure that you are very close. Don't move unless you are SURE you are going to be in the catchment area, and by that look at the smallest distance, half it, and move in less than half of the biggest distance away. If you are moving for a school, then you can make sure you are very likely to get in. One thing to think about is that if a school has had bulge classes but isn't looking at permanent expansion then there is going to be an impact of increased siblings for subsequent years. We are in Beckenham by the way, and it is really lovely for families because it is so full of young families.

marryinhaste Wed 24-Apr-13 21:26:24

I'm in Chislehurst, and I moved to be as close to Edgebury school as possible - it's at the end of my (very short!) road. DD still didn't get in (last year only 8 places went to non-siblings). She is now in reception at Red Hill, and she absolutely loves it there. It's a 3 form entry, so pretty much everyone can get in - this seems to make it less desirable than the smaller schools for some strange reason! It has huge grounds, lovely teachers, well behaved pupils. So, you definitely don't need to go down the church route here.

Snazzynewyear Wed 24-Apr-13 21:34:11

Agree with NorthernLurker having been following the thread she has linked to. It really sounds as if the Bromley authorities have no idea how to provide enough primary places and you would be counting on them turning that around in the next four years.


marryinhaste Wed 24-Apr-13 21:43:10

Bromley is a large borough - Chislehurst seems to be fortunate in that there are lots of good or outstanding schools here, meaning the likelihood of not getting a place at all here is very small (though anything can happen over the next few years!)

mumtosp Wed 24-Apr-13 22:07:16

Thanks all !!
I did have a look at the thread you linked in - and it was very scary to read through it thinking this could be me in 4 years !! But I really did have my heart set on Petts Wood/Chislehurst... so we are going to continue house hunting for some more time with the hope that we find a house right next to a school and within our budget (I do seem to be asking for a lot ! hmm)

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HaplessHousewife Thu 25-Apr-13 11:49:31

I can't say about Chislehurst but I live in Petts Wood and I doubt you'd get into Darrick Wood unless you lived in the Crofton area rather than Petts Wood itself. We're well out of the catchment where we are.

I had a minor panic myself but we did get what we wanted (Crofton School) but there isn't a huge amount of choice so you really need to decide which school you want and make sure you live well within the catchment.

I think the local paper said that slightly more people were offered their first choice this year than last year in Bromley but obviously there are exceptions.

mumtosp Fri 26-Apr-13 22:30:27

Thanks *HH
Would you say Larch Way and Farringdon Avenue are too far away for admission into Crofton School ?? We have a viewing there tomorrow and we really like what we have seen from the pics of this house... but I'm trying not to get too excited as I think this will be too far away for Crofton School... just under a mile.

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HaplessHousewife Sat 27-Apr-13 13:12:39

It would be touch and go. We're 0.87 away and we've got into Crofton this year but it's too early to say how far out this year's catchment went. So the previous catchments were:

2012 0.9
2011 1.3
2010 1.4
2009 1.0

You can see why we were panicking about getting in as we were only just in last year! We used to live much closer to the school and thought we were safe moving here as it had never gone under a mile before and then it did last year…

mumtosp Sat 27-Apr-13 21:02:20

HH That's what I thought... that it may be touch and go. Luckily we didn't like the house ... so the search continues smile

And congrats on getting into Croftons !! smile

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HaplessHousewife Sun 28-Apr-13 20:03:40

At least you didn't love the house and have a huge dilemma about what to do. Fingers crossed you find one that you do love (or at least one that you could learn to love wink) that's well within the catchment!

It's a massive weight off my shoulders now that we know we've got in. I may have bought some school dresses already.

ngulenler Wed 07-Mar-18 14:44:39

Hi all, we're also planning to move Petts Wood. I am considering Crofton Infant School. My daughter is 3 now. @mumtosp have you experienced the school?
If anyone to give any comment about the school I appreciate.

Thank you

dewoflittlethings Wed 07-Mar-18 15:07:08

If you move to be near Darrick woods school there is also Farnborough primary which had just been expanded, it's also an outstanding school with a large catchment area 1mile I think; also WarrenRoad but it's very popular catchment is like 500metres

Near Orpington there are two great grammar schools;it's about 20min walk to the station though, there are many local buses to the station

PettsWoodParadise Sat 10-Mar-18 08:34:06

I have lots of friends who’ve been very very happy with Crofton. It is a large school but they split the site from the juniors to make it feel smaller and have great care and facilities. Due to the size they are able to offer more than some smaller primaries can offer. They also have the best SAT results in the Borough and large numbers go from here into the local grammars, Bexley grammars and Kent grammars. For non selective secondaries there is less choice but boys often go to Ravens Wood and ifvat the Crofton end they can get Darrick. Petts Wood is a great place to bring up a family and enjoy London from.

ngulenler Sun 11-Mar-18 00:26:58

Thank you @dewoflittlethings. It's good to be around grammer schools.

ngulenler Sun 11-Mar-18 00:29:12

Hi PettsWoodParadise, thank you for all information. We're very excited to move PettsWood but still considering Weybridge also. It's a really tough decision. Good schools, nice area, easy commuting.... So many details to consider.

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