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Wimbledon schools

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Whirlwind79 Mon 22-Apr-13 12:52:04


We are considering a move to Wimbledon and have a 19m old child and #2 on the way. I had a few questions re schools:
(1) there seem to be a number of outstanding state primaries in Wimbledon but my understanding is that the catchment area is literally about 50-100yds - is that right?
(2) what are your recommendations re independent/prep schools? And what are the entrance criteria like? We currently live in Clapham and here there are some schools with assessment for entrance at 4, and the non-assessment-based ones have massive waiting lists such that unless you register by the time your child is c6m old, you don't stand a chance of getting in. Is this the same in Wimbledon? In other words, am I way too late for my 19m old?
(3) what secondary schools do children go onto? I know Wimbledon High runs right through to 18 but what about the schools that stop at 11? Does anyone go onto the Surrey grammar schools?

I know there are quite a few questions there, so answers to one or all would be much appreciated!


muminlondon Mon 22-Apr-13 17:02:59

I know people with children in that area. Merton secondaries have had to contend with the lure of Sutton grammars in the next borough. But they have steadily improved and become popular, especially Ricard's Lodge and Rutlish (single sex boys/girls' schools) which I think now share a sixth form.

From what I have heard some of the private prep schools aren't that good, although they probably all have a loyal following. There is a real pressure on places but most state primaries are good and outstanding.

Schmedz Wed 24-Apr-13 00:03:23

You are right that for primaries graded outstanding they have an extremely limited distance criteria. Friends living literally a few streets away from one did not get a place.

Most wimbledon preps have a 4+ as far as I am aware and you only need to register your child the year before entry. Attend open days in the sept/oct of the year before they are due to start school and make your application then. Testing is usually nov/dec and occasionally jan. if in doubt, contact the school directly.

Catholic children apply to Ursuline for secondary but others to ricards lodge. A few girls go to Nonsuch or Tiffin Girls which are out of borough grammars. WHS very oversubscribed for year 7 and even children in the junior school have to sit the entrance exam...there is no automatic entry to the senior school. Boys who have gone through prep often try for Kings (very academically selective) or other out of borough indies. No doubt there are a large number who attend their local secondary although with the demographic being what it is there seem to be a high proportion of privately educated children. Buses run to a number of schools out of area and there are good train links so probably less need to attend a local school.

Choices so different for boys and girls! And if you want coed schooling there are few independents that offer this in Wimbledon. Feel free to PM me if you want more info.

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