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Cheam - when do you have to register to have a good chance at getting a place?

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DachsandPup Sun 21-Apr-13 09:02:53

DD was 11.5 months when we registered her (April baby) and the letter is not clear as to whether that is likely to be a guaranteed place or the waiting list. All the other schools we registered her at she is either guaranteed a place or is on on the wait list. Does anyone know how likely she is to get a place at Cheam being registered at that age? I suspect, like Dragon (although we registered her there at 2 weeks and she was still only on the wait list), that it's going to be the wait list and won't know until much closer to the time. It's just that we are planning to move before she starts and we have a couple of target areas - the one we end up in will be based on where she is likely to go to school, so not knowing when we'll find out is a bit nerve wracking!

Lonecatwithkitten Sun 21-Apr-13 11:02:28

There are often places still avaliable a few weeks prior to the start of reception. Please, please don't buy into the hype all of the private schools in West Berks have spaces in reception. Also there are several other school options close to Cheam so have a good look at them, visit them and read all the ISIS reports.

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