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Reading- best neighborhood for primary places

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SpeechGarden Fri 19-Apr-13 23:52:38

Hello new friends!

Our family is preparing for a move from the US to the Reading area this August for the U of Reading. Next fall, DS will be year 3 and DD will be year 4. I understand the primary placements just came out, and not everyone is happy.

Given the shortage of places and our tardiness in applying, what are your recommendations for school catchment areas that might have seats available (and are delightful places of learning)? We are in town through this weekend, but will most likely not have another opportunity to visit prior to completing the listing. It's a little scary choosing schools sight-unseen!

We are looking in Caversham and Early, but are open to other areas or villages as well. We will need to let, hopefully three bedrooms, but will consider two.

Thank you for your advice and the warm welcome!


Have a look at Lower Earley which has a lot of property and the schools come under Wokingham Borough so a different LA to Reading. Also have a look at Wokingham itself which is a nice place to live as more of a market town than Reading although the bits you have identified ie Caversham and Earley are the best bits IMHO as well as the bits around the university although the downside is that they are full of students!

SpeechGarden Sun 21-Apr-13 00:39:08

Thanks, Greenheart. I didn't realize about the diff in school LA with Lower Early. Does that make a noticible difference?

Valdeeves Sun 21-Apr-13 02:15:21

Caversham primary does have a great rep - how are you getting on?

Valdeeves Sun 21-Apr-13 02:16:10

We live in Newbury which is 40 mins from Reading but almost all the schools are good.

SucksToBeMe Sun 21-Apr-13 02:39:44

We have just moved out of reading to the berks/hampshire border which is the arborfield/eversley area to get DS into a better school. Reading has lots of amazing independent schools.

I myself went to a primary school in Tilehurst (Westwood farm) which now is a outstanding school and very much sought after. Then I went on to a village Secondry called Theale Green in Theale. Which at the time I wasn't keen on but looking back it was a very good school! May have been my hormones that tainted it!

Good luck with your search.

When we lived in the area the impression we got was that Wokingham schools were all pretty good whereas the Reading ones were more variable.

If you have a move in August you are an in year admission so you need to find out where the places are and the people at both Reading and Wokingham LA will be helpful but they can't magic up places at oversubscribed schools for you. When we were in the area Earley St Peters and Farley Hill were the schools everyone was trying to get into.

I'm happy to talk off line if you PM me

dumbelina Sun 21-Apr-13 15:17:32

Reading University is in Earley. The best primary schools in this area are Aldryngton and Radstock, both of which are fully subscribed each admissions year. A friend of mine just got her child into Aldryngton after 3 years on the waiting list. However Earley is a great area to live in and all the schools come under Wokingham council. Other primaries in Earley have good reputations, these include Hawkedon, Earley St Peters (C of E school) and Loddon. Your best bet would be to have a look at the OFSTED website for each school's most recent assessment, then maybe contact Wokingham council to see what your chances are for an in year admission to these schools.
You mentioned Caversham as an option, if you are needing to get to the University for work Caversham is not a great idea as you would be on the wrong side of the Thames and there are only two bridges over, both of which are traffic bottlenecks at rush hour. Best of luck!

SpeechGarden Sun 21-Apr-13 20:30:04

Thanks, friends! You are most helpful. It seems to be that the Wokingham schools are the best bet. Though we were hoping not to have a car, these areas seem to require one. I will contact the schools to see who might have openins in year three and four and see where we go from there. Any ohter ideas are greatly appreciated!

PeanutButterOnly Sun 21-Apr-13 20:37:00

Twyford and Wargrave are nice friendly villages on the right side of the river and from Twyford it's easy to get into London at the weekend by train. Both are about 10-15 mins away from the university, but check with Wokingham about the chances of a school place at the schools.

toosoppyforwords Wed 24-Apr-13 19:08:36

Wokingham is nice but have had lots of challenges with primary admissions this year - although there are a couple of new schools being built. Crowthorne is also lovely with good choice of schools as well as a very affordable independent. Also easy access to reading.

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