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madness to send brother/sister to different schools?!

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misslongstocking Fri 19-Apr-13 22:50:49

Don't know which way to turn!
I have 3 children (Y6,Y4 ,YR)
Last September,for start of Y5,sent eldest to out-of-catchment middle school a mile away- mostly because of the many opportunities it offers (large school with lots of clubs,great academic results,etc) Daughter found it hard settling in ,but better now.
At same time,moved other 2 children to feeder first school,thinking they would follow in their sister's footsteps.
However,Y4 son due to start there in Sept,but he doesn't want to! He wants to go to middle school with his old pals nearer our home.
(To be honest,if I could go back 2 yrs,think I would have sent them all there - friends' children love it & doing well, plus feel bad about all the upheaval!Daughter often said she wishes she'd gone there....)
Do we plod on ,or let son look around both ?Or to add extra confusion,move eldest there for last 2 yrs with her brother??Has anyone else found themselves in this position?
Much easier in 'the old days' when you had to go to your local school and were done with it!

MoetEtPantsOn Sat 20-Apr-13 04:37:50

If you can manage the logistics, I'd send DS to the second school near your house. And youngest child too. Then you have 2 bad years but after that could get them into same secondary?

I'm one of 5 and we all went to different secondaries (11+ area) but it worked out fine. I suppose we were a bit older so could get selves to school. It really depends on your circumstances in terms of driving, work etc.

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