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kenilworth: real life experience of st johns primary?

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bonna Fri 19-Apr-13 22:21:16

Hi, Fisrtly, I have NEVER posted anything before inc Facebook etc, so this is genuinely a bit weird for me, but would WELCOME any advice please. Following my Husband's new job, we're hoping to rent out our home and move to Kenilworth (IF we can find somewhere 3+ beds for less than £1000 but that's a WHOLE other thread!) and I understand from a few phonecalls that all the Primary schools are "much of a muchness" as one person said ie. brilliant. BUT, St John's only has a 'Satisfactory' Ofsted report. We live 2 hours away and don't know the area or anyone who lives there. Is there anyone who can give me a more personal and real life experience of this school instead of relying on Ofsted please? I am also interested to hear about what residents think about the area? Thanks

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