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Moving to Colchester, school advice SOS!

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Nikita2013 Fri 19-Apr-13 13:41:13

Hello, we'll be moving to Colchester this summer, and we have a 3 year old, so should move somewhere with a good school in mind. I got already the idea, that Hamilton is the best state school, but not many properties on offer around it, especially as we prefer apartments to houses... I guess it's european thingsmile From Primelocation we really love the look of riverbank apartments next to the Uni, but no good schools theresad

I am not getting any vibe from Ofsted reports, as many schools have pretty similar reports to Hamilton. What about North primary, St Johns green, St Marys...etc? Which schools have also decent reputation if no luck with Hamilton? Also, schools St James CofE seem to have a good report, do they have strict admission ( checking whether you go to church, etc)
Moving from Cheshire, where all schools reports have only 1s, I find it really hard to make my mind, please help, any information appreciated!!

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