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Any governors who have recently had an OFSTED visit?

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neolara Thu 18-Apr-13 23:44:32

We're due a visit at any point. It would be very helpful if you could tell me what you were asked as I need to help our governing body gather their thoughts. Many thanks.

EmmaGellerGreen Fri 19-Apr-13 14:51:50

There is a list of questions that they ask. I have a paper copy but will try to find a link later.

dozydrawers Fri 19-Apr-13 20:37:53

We had our inspection about six weeks ago. We were asked, in detail, about how we spend our pupil premium and the impact it has. We were also questioned on the school's strengths and weaknesses, how teachers' performance and professional development are linked to school improvement, how we make sure that we are well informed about children's progress and how we fulfill our safeguarding responsibilities.

We took lots of documents in with us and referred to these several times, especially with regards to details of our pupil premium spending.

We had prepared thoroughly from the list of questions that governors may be asked in the Ofsted inspection handbook and most of them came up.

We received very good feedback and our school went from satisfactory to good with outstanding features.

neolara Sat 20-Apr-13 23:10:10

Thanks both of you. You prompted me to have a look at the OFSTED inspection handbook which I'd never heard of before. Very helpful.

LivesInLegoland Sun 21-Apr-13 20:17:06

We too had our inspection about six weeks ago and governors were asked exactly the same as dozydrawers almost to the letter ! Either the same school or the inspectors use a very standard set of questions.

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