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Teddington Schools

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MumBoyGirl Thu 18-Apr-13 20:09:28

I know a lot of Teddington families (me included) disappointed to have been offered no place at any of the Teddington Schools. We all seem to be being offered Buckingham Primary in Hanworth. It is 40min by bus/walk from Teddington and doesn't seem to have a good reputation.

Does anyone know anything about the school beyond Ofsted? Any personal experience?

I am REALLY hoping for a place more locally before September, but it's not looking good...

Teddyking1 Thu 18-Apr-13 23:23:05

Post this on the richmond local board .
Went through this last year also in teddington .
Are you near the high street?
Bulge class was put at sacred heart so that is where everybody was put last year .
Waiting list will move though don't give up hope .

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