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Application for Y3 and YR places - DC allocated different schools -appeal advice?

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TreesAndFlowers Thu 18-Apr-13 10:35:19

This is for a friend.

Friend has 2 DDs. DD1 is currently in Y2 at an infant school. DD2 will start in Reception in September.
So friend had to complete 2 primary applications (application for Reception place and transfer at 7+).
Her 1st choice (for both) was her closest primary. Her 2nd choice (for both) was her 2nd closest primary.
Her 3rd choice for DD1 was the junior that most children from the infants go to. Her 3rd choice for DD2 was this infants school.

Both 1st and 2nd choices are walkable from friend’s house. Neither 3rd choice is.
Friend’s DD1 is currently at a non-local school due to friend moving mid year (during Y1) and that being the closest local place. DD1 has been on the waiting lists at both closer schools since the move.

Friend has been offered 2nd local primary for DD2 and junior school (3rd choice) for DD1. (The most impractical combination of options in terms of distance and getting the children to both schools on time).

She wants to appeal for DD1 (to get her into same school as her sister).

Obviously this is a Y3 appeal so infants class size rule doesn’t apply.
She wants to appeal on the grounds of wanting a school that she can walk to, and both DDs in the same school. She also intends to mention the difficulty of getting the 2 children to two schools (though this is a common issue round here and I imagine won’t carry much weight).

DD1 is on the waiting list for desired school (and will presumably move up it once DD2 starts at the school) but it’s not a school with much mobility so friend doesn’t hold out much hope there.

Are there any other suggestions/tips I can pass on to her?

tiggytape Thu 18-Apr-13 10:52:52

You are quite right that this would not be an ICS appeal because DD1 is going into Year 3. However logistics, childcare and transport issues are not given much weight at appeals unless there is a medical reason for example that limits travel.
This is because practically every parent has a job or another child or a childcare option that means they may want a certain combination of schools but it isn't possible to accomodate this.

If she wants to win, she can mention the logistical problems but must focus mainly on explaining how school 2 is the best school for DD1. What does it offer that woud benefit her or meet her needs? Does DD1 have any social or medical issues that this school would be able to support well? She can also demonstrate that the school is not going to be prejudiced (harmed) by taking one more child eg have they gone above numbers in other year groups and coped successfully with this?

crazymum53 Thu 18-Apr-13 11:27:26

Your friend also needs to check whether having a younger sibling at school 2 would put dd1 higher up the waiting list (or not).
In some areas, this only applies to younger siblings and in others to both older and younger siblings.

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