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Whats the demand like for reception places in Egham/Staines?

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flootshoot Wed 17-Apr-13 12:41:25

If all goes well with our flat sale we'll be moving up to this area in May/June this year. DS is due to start school in Sept (the timing is a nightmare, but such is life...sigh).

I've been researching the local schools, having a look at last year's allocations etc. but I'm finding it hard to get a feel for the demand in the area. Where we currently live I know which schools still had places available last year, and which were turning away children who live virtually on the doorstep but I don't have that local knowledge for Surrey!

The allocations data I found for last year states how many places were allocated but it doesn't say if there were places left over, or mention how many children (if any) didn't get a place at all and ended up further afield.

I don't drive so this is a real concern (my only real concern) about moving. I don't mind a fair old hike on foot and obviously there could potentially be transport offered if DS ends up miles away but it would be good to know how likely that is to actually happen.

Apologies for rambling but I would really appreciate input from anyone from Egham/Staines/Runnymede. I know the allocations come out today for Sept 2013 so hearing from anyone whose DC are affected by that would be great as well.


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