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Bromley area - Wickham Court School

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Mummysaysno Wed 17-Apr-13 02:28:37

Just wondering if anyone knows this looks like it could be a good fit for us, but we're not in UK and not sure I'll get a chance to visit.

Any info at all really...looks like a small, friendly, non-selective this the case?


noramum Wed 17-Apr-13 12:46:53

We live in the area and what I heard is positive. But I personally wouldn't choose a school without seeing it.

Why do you think about going public? All the state primaries in West Wickham are good schools. DD goes to a state infant and we had absolute no doubt that state is excellent here.

Mummysaysno Wed 17-Apr-13 16:40:19

Thanks for this...we won't be living in West Wickham unfortunately...we own a house elsewhere but commuting distance.

Thanks for the reply...appreciate it.

noramum Wed 17-Apr-13 21:00:47

If you need to drive each day double the time what you think you need. Driving at school-run time through Bromley is mayhem.

jgjgjg Wed 17-Apr-13 22:34:06

We visited but rejected it a couple of years ago. It reminded me of Hogwarts, Harry Potters school!

Very imposing castle-like building, cold and draughty in winter. Lovely large grounds but (as I remember) no swimming pool or sports hall. We decided on Royal Russell instead, which is not that much further away but has much better facilities.

Mummysaysno Wed 17-Apr-13 23:54:32

Thanks ladies!

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