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Primary schools in Halifax - Salterhebble?

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crumpeteater Sun 14-Apr-13 19:54:28

I'm relocating to Halifax later this year and will be looking for school places for my 2 primary aged DC. We'll be in Savile Park, our nearest school looks to be Salterhebble Primary, does anyone have any experience of this school please? Or other schools nearby - I've been told All Saints is good.

CalderdaleCassie Sun 14-Apr-13 23:22:00

Hi, I live very near to the school, in fact we are waiting to hear on Tuesday whether our eldest got a place there for September or not.

It is a good school, well thought of in the neighbourhood and the headmistress is universally respected and liked from what I can tell. I know a family who were unable to get their DC in when they moved into the area, they now travel to another neighbourhood so I believe there is a waiting list.

Generally speaking All Saints is thought of as a better school and is more oversubscribed. From what I can tell, there is little difference in terms of academic achievement when you look at the figures. All Saints is more middle class in terms of the backgrounds of the families because it covers the Skircoat Green neighbourhood, the Green Park estate and the St Albans roads and the pricey Lawrence Rd/Rawson Ave/Greenroyd Ave area.

Salterhebble is just finishing an extension and facilities update and this gives it much better facilities than All Saints. I wasn't impressed with the canteen provision or the teeny assembly hall that All Saints have, meaning all whole school assemblies have to be done in the church next door because they can't all fit in the hall.

The other main difference is the feeder school status situation. Salterhebble doesn't have feeder school status for any of the secondary schools in the area. The area still has the 11+ for the grammar schools and those that don't pass/take the 11+ would need to apply for secondary schools and without feeder status would have no guaranteed place in the nearby schools.
All Saints has feeder status for Brooksbank which is well thought of. The worry with Salterhebble that I've heard expressed locally is that you may apply for Brooksbank but end up with Park Lane which isn't that well thought of.

crumpeteater Mon 15-Apr-13 07:47:49

Cassie thanks so much, that's really helpful. I knew about the 11+ but didn't know about feeder schools. My DC are currently home educated so all this school stuff is new to me, trying to think about it in an area I don't know at all seems especially hard!

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