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Schools in Stamford

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Degsos Mon 08-Apr-13 10:33:07

Hi I have just moved to Stamford, Lincs, and want to find out more about the primary and secondary schools situation. We are renting at the moment but will be buying next year and want to move to the catchment of good schools. Which state schools would you recommend in the area?

Wrenniecat Tue 09-Apr-13 22:45:27

Hi, Bourne has good primary and secondary schools. Westfield primary academy recently " lost" it's outstanding ofsted rating but I would not let that worry anyone choosing it for their child. The new head mistress saw this coming even before she took up the position and has put many measures in place to recover its outstanding rating.... And she will given the Recent ofsted feedback. It's actually very satisfying seeing the pace of change and good to know the school is not resting on it laurels. My children go to this school and I am very happy. The town also has a grammar but the "comp" also receives positive comments and people in Bourne consider themselves fortunate to have two good schools to choose from. Market deeping also has a comp with a very good reputation.

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