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Pre schools in/near Guildford (mixed and girls only)

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brigida73 Sun 07-Apr-13 13:40:47

We are new to the Guildford area and would really appreciate views on Guilford primary / prep schools for our daughter.

She is 3 and currently in nursery but we can already see that she is bored and not being challenged there; in fact the nursery staff at her last parents evening commented that they think she is very bright and advanced for her age.

we both would like her to go to a mixed primary (as she is a tom-boy and is both sporty and musical) but there is very few to choose from.

We have been to see some of the schools and like both Rydes Hill and Riply Court.

Our dilemma is that we don't know the local schools at all and so would really appreciate views on good academic primaries for girls in the area that also have a sport / musical bias.

I'd also appreciate views on girls-only versus mixed at primary level.

mummytime Sun 07-Apr-13 16:48:11

GHS? Sporty Academic and Musical, or look at the state primaries. They tend to be good, and there is quite a lot of sport around, and quite a lot of music.

brigida73 Mon 15-Apr-13 09:48:24

Thanks Mummytime.

Do you know if GHS prepare their girls for the common entrance exam or just for their own?

mummytime Mon 15-Apr-13 13:42:26

Common entrance is sat at 13. Girls schools do not prepare girls for it, as girls by then are in the senior school so are working towards GCSE. They also do not aim to lose girls at 13. A very few girls do move then (probably none from GHS, because if it is not the right school for the girl she will have already moved), but if you want to send to a 13+ school it is more normal to send to a mixed prep.

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