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Alternative to Student Support Centre (SSC)

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jmspbro Sat 06-Apr-13 21:23:29

The SSC feature in many threads here, almost all negative, mostly due to their sales practices.
I have a question, but I do not want this thread to turn into another negative thread. So, if you wish to be negative towards SSC, please seek out the numerous SSC negative threads for you to indulge in.
I want to go beyond the sale practice and discuss the style of the content.

For supplementary education, beyond what the school provides, I see 3 choices: a home tutor, Kumon and SSC.

For a tutor and Kumon, the parent spends the money and lets other people take over.

With SSC, the parent does the tutoring with the help of the DVD's and literature. I particularly like this approach and wish to explore further.
However, the SSC is very expensive - £2350 for 3 years worth of Maths and English, (which, incidentally, can be used again for a sibling).
You see SSC coming up on eBay and the market price appears to be around £300 for the same, which is a lot more realistic.
I like the structured approach, with an emphasis on the how-to and the tools.
Yes, I can get books from WHSmith, but these are simply exercises, and do not teach you the how-to.

DS1 is in yr2 and his maths consists of number lines and partitioning. There are techniques to this which the WHSmiths books don't teach you, but I very much liked the SSC explanation on this point. Most importantly, DS1 liked the snippet of the SSC DVD we saw.

Now, I am steering towards the eBay solution, but I was wondering if there was any other system similar to the SSC system, that was structured, explained the theory/how-to, as well as the exercises?

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