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Easy French text about islands/set on an island

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Hi. I am really holing to catch the eye of someone living in France/French; I know that you are about and have helped me before.

My daughter is 6, but a not-very-strong year 1. She is half French and is at school in England. We are 'shadowing' her class topic by reading books, doing online games etc on the same subjects in French. Last term was easy; she was learning about castles.

This term, however, she will be learning about 'Islands' - not desert islands, her teacher tells me, but islands like Brownsea Island (very close to us) or Katie Morag type island living. I just haven't managed to find any titles of really easy books we could read along with it.

Has anyone any suggestions?


Portofino Fri 05-Apr-13 11:02:09 Did a search for you...

Brilliant! L'ile aux lapins is a must!

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