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Is anyone else waiting to hear what primary school their child has got into?

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HobKnob Fri 05-Apr-13 09:11:02

I'm biting my nails off here!

kungfupannda Sat 20-Apr-13 20:48:41

Great week for you, Aufaniae.

Is anyone going to be hearing next week, or is there a big wait until May for everyone else?

soontobeslendergirl Sat 20-Apr-13 21:34:35

Not primary, and not E&W, but I did get confirmation today that my son has got into the same High school as his brother - we were pretty sure he'd get in but doesn't stop you sweating. grin

BrienneOfTarth Sat 20-Apr-13 22:00:59

Not going to appeal - there certainly isn't any grounds to do so, it's just that the places all got filled up by people who live closer than us, but we will probably ask to be on waiting list for choice #1.

Anyone got any experience of how much churn there is likely to be between now and september for a typical 2-class-entry city school? I reckon (via crude maths which assumes that 3-year-olds are evenly distributed per unit area) that we'd probably be about 4th or 5th on the waiting list - I don't know if that makes it too unlikely to hold out hope or not?

Prenton Mon 22-Apr-13 23:13:54

Not sure if made right choice

lottieandmia Tue 23-Apr-13 09:42:00

Brienne - our first choice was oversubscribed but my friend who has a child there told me that every year, there are children who get a place but decline and go to a private school instead and children who never start at all - she seemed to think there is often quite a bit of movement.

Quenelle Tue 23-Apr-13 11:14:12

kungfupanda we find out on Tuesday 30th. Not sure if after midnight or later in the day.

It's been a loooong wait and I've got myself quite wound up reading this thread.

Our first choice is with a different LEA. The school is usually undersubscribed but I'm taking nothing for granted.

Our second choice is the catchment school which is only four years old. This is the first year they've put catchment in the criteria so I don't think it will be oversubscribed, although the attached nursery is.

Anyone else finding out on the 30th?

Quenelle Mon 29-Apr-13 09:58:19

Is anybody else finding out tomorrow?

Quenelle Tue 30-Apr-13 10:09:14

Just us then.

Does anybody know if Bedfordshire lets you know by email or letter? And when? The website just says 'Decisions posted 30th April' but I applied online so was hoping they would send an email today.

Lovethesea Tue 30-Apr-13 11:11:23

Hoping it works out ok for you.

Quenelle Tue 30-Apr-13 11:16:53

Thanks. I'm fit to burst here!

kungfupannda Tue 30-Apr-13 11:29:54

Good luck!

Quenelle Tue 30-Apr-13 13:28:42

Thanks kungfu.

It's excruciating. A couple of friends in the same county but different LEA have had emails but I don't know anybody who has applied through our LEA so don't know if they have sent emails yet. I keep refreshing the website but no change yet.

DH, who has spent the last five months being completely relaxed about the whole thing, is texting and emailing every hour to ask if I've heard anything yet. And does that mean no news is bad news? He's winding me up even more hmm

willismcgillis Mon 03-Jun-13 08:23:50

Windrush primary school -charlton - any experience anyone?

we have just been offered a place for my son to start reception in sept? i dont know anything about it and plan to visit in the next day or two, the offsted and performance for the sister site reads well but there isnt much to be found for his site. Desperate to hear anything that will put my mind at rest

mummytodan Sun 14-Jul-13 19:59:03

Having a dilemma here wondering if I've made the right choice. My little one has been to his childminders since 10 months old although she is 62 and due to retire in a couple of years. He started pre school in a private nursery 2 days a week last September - just so he could get some classroom experience. I put the school his childminder services as my first choice (easier transition as he could stay with her) and was absolutely gutted when he didn't get in. We we're offered our second choice (both are rated as good by Ofsted but his first choice gets miles better dashboard results) However the school he was accepted for has a new headmaster (only 34) everyone is raving about him! I really think he is going to make it a fantastic school and as it's in walking distance would I regret turning it down? After much searching we have found a childminder that we are happy with for his second choice school, have been to all the taster sessions and feel happy with the school. We actually withdrew our appeal the day before it was due to be heard. All was happy until on Friday his first choice rang and offered us a place. I know we were in a very lucky situation but they gave us two hours to decide! A bit unfair! My husband was in meetings so could only take a two minute call in which he said there was a reason we withdrew the appeal. So I rang back and declined. It's really messed with my head & don't know if we made the right decision? How hard is deciding what is right for your childs future!

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